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Sail on the sea with comfort and luxury with One°15 Marina

One°15 Singapore
January 2021 (2 months)
$20,000 to $25,000

Customer Introduction


One°15 Marina is Asia’s luxurious and top-rated marine and yacht booking service and leisure hub. They offer a complete range of marine and yacht hiring services and let customers enjoy quality time with their loved ones in an intimate setting. One°15 Life, a root of One°15 Marina is also the finest choice in boat rentals and yacht charters. One can ride and explore the sea in style by choosing favorite yachts and boats at an affordable rate, whether for a fishing trip or an ornate boat party.

Addressing the Problem

Seeing the importance of online booking One°15, a premier marine and leisure brand understood the importance of having a web portal for customers to book their yachts and marines online. Being an owner of two renowned brands, One°15 Marina and One°15 Life, they wanted to have two separate websites to showcase their luxury travel, seamless booking experience & destination offerings. They also wanted the website to reflect the brand image and display offerings accurately and immersively.

The Creole Process

One°15 Marina approached Creole Studios to develop two separate websites, one for One°15 Marina and one for One°15 LIfe. Since both are different offerings, they wanted to showcase their services such as yachts, boat hire on the One°15 LIfe website, and hotel dining and accommodation on the One°15 Marina website. The client wanted to build websites on WordPress, and Creole suggested a Divi builder. Since Divi (a visual theme builder) provides a range of options like customization and design, the client decided to move ahead by hiring Creole Studios developers that worked as in-house teams for the client. Creole collaborated with their team to develop an engaging website with the latest technologies such as WordPress, Ajax, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, and HTML5.

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The Creole Solution and Key features

The Creole team outlined the project after an informative discussion with One°15 Marina’s respective team members. Our team conceptualized the whole project and started working immediately to meet client requirements. The following are the features of One°15 Marina and One°15 LIfe.

Booking form

The One°15 Marina website allowed the customers to book the hotel by merely adding their information which is then taken care of by their customer executive. This booking form also showcased the promotional offers to the customers.

Member login & discounts

The user can log in by becoming a member and enjoy the benefits of privileges and exclusive discounts offered by the One°15 Marina.

Boats/yachts listing

For One°15 LIfe, there’s a boat rental and yacht listing page where customers can choose their preferred boat/yacht based on budget and requirements. By filling out a booking form, customers can customize the date and number of people they’d like to bring along.

User guide listing

This feature is for customers seeking to hire a boat/yacht, amenities they will get, and the rules and guidelines. Customers can also get an idea of food, beverages, and activities while booking a particular yacht or boat.

Technology Stack and architecture

  • Wordpress
  • Ajax
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap

Creole Studios used WordPress for website development and Javascript to create faster, better, and more interactive experiences. The team used Bootstrap to develop a mobile-first website.

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