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One°15 Marina and One°15 Life are dedicated to showcasing and booking various marine, leisure and yacht services.

Hongkong Flag Singapore
January 2021 (2 months)
$20,000 to $25,000

Business Info

One°15 Marina is consistently one of the top rated marine & leisure hubs of Asia. They provide, to their customers, a beautiful & world-class array of destinations with a wide range of amenities to make their stay memorable and be a once in a lifetime experience. It is a one stop destination for people wishing to spend luxurious holidays or have lavish events like big fat weddings. One°15 Life, a branch of One°15 Marina is focused on boat rentals and yacht charters. They have a huge array of yachts and boats and with their help, customers can find a perfect ride according to their needs and budget, be it a simple fishing trip or an ornate boat party.

Business Problem

One°15, being a luxury marine & leisure brand, wanted to have a web portal to match their branding and offer online booking facilities for their services. As they had a separate sub branch for their boat rentals & yacht charter service, they wanted to have two separate websites for each, One°15 Marina and One°15 Life. They wanted to showcase their luxury travel & destination offerings in the web portal and also have a seamless booking experience for their customers. They wanted the website to not be just another booking site but reflect the brand image and offerings properly to give a hint of the experience the customers are in for, if they go forward with having one of the many One°15’s luxury services.

Project Features

For One°15, we made two separate websites, one each for One°15 Marina and One°15 Life. Different sections for Marina/Charter, Hotel, Dining, Happenings and Weddings & Meetings were provided. Information about different venues to host parties and weddings, different hotels, bars were craftily showcased, along with various amenities and photos for them.

Almost all the services had a custom booking form associated with it where users can enter rudimentary information about the booking and the customer executive will be getting in touch with them for booking purposes. A page for showing all the offers was also a part of the portal. Membership programs were also given out to customers, and they had a member's login in the portal to get exclusive discounts, privileges and exclusive experiences.

One°15 Life, on the other hand is focused solely on their boat rentals & yacht charters. To make the booking experience seamless, we designed it in such a way that users can directly choose a date when they want to book a yacht and the number of guests they’d like to bring along. That’s all the rudimentary information requested by the portal to show them a list of all the relevant yachts and boats for them to choose from. Details such as pricing, capacity, size and dimensions are displayed in the card itself so that customers get the most important information about the boats & yachts at a glance. Customers can also find detailed information about the yacht/boat that they will be booking, amenities available and the rules and guidelines for the same. There are even add-ons like food, beverages and activities that the customers can select from while booking a particular yacht or boat.

We had pages for different experience based yacht/boat rides as well as a wedding theme experience, holiday special, private sunset and spectacular fireworks to name a few. Each had its own page with complete description and booking options. We also provided a sign-up and log in functionality for members and also enabled logins via social media platforms.

Landing Page - One°15 Marina

Event Venues - One°15 Marina

Room Booking - One°15 Marina

Yacht List - One°15 Life

Yacht Booking - One°15 Life

Technologies Used

  • Wordpress
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap


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