About Us

We are a young, talented and hardworking team of 20 somethings (and a few 30 somethings who haven’t given up their denims yet ;-)) working relentlessly with a singular mission of making people’s lives easier through software. We break our backs to create something truly astounding, something that leaves our clients in pure amazement. Arthur C. Clarke famously said, ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ It’s easier said than done, but that’s what we’re aspiring for. We’re trying to create magic! A truly well-designed and well built software leaves a profound impact on people. We know we’re trying to reach for the stars. But we what else is more fulfilling to pursue?

Set up in the summer of 2014, we were just 3 rookies who quit their jobs, rolled up their sleeves and decided to create apps for modern day consumers. Our careers began in the 21st century, so we didn’t have to unlearn any of the old methodologies. We were the modern day consumers ourselves, so we could relate to the newly emerging trends in the world of personal computing on mobile and other platforms. The team has been growing steadily since that summer of 2014. Some may think of us as nobodies out of nowhere. But sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of do the things no one can imagine. Sorry, we couldn’t refrain from putting in that quote. In Turing we trust!

What's with the name?

When we were planning to set up the company, like every other startup we had been brainstorming our minds out to come up with a cool name for our venture. A name that we all could resonate with. A name that embodies our emotions behind setting up the company. But unfortunately, nothing seem to click to our heart. Then, just as one finds love where one’s least expecting it, we found this name in a restaurant while having dinner with friends.


We were eating Ravioli that was made in a creamy sauce made from tomatoes and peppers. It was so good that we were compelled to ask the chef what had he put in it. He said it was the magic of the Creole Sauce that made the Ravioli so great.

That’s when we heard the word for the first time. We were immediately enchanted by it. We dug deeper to find the roots of the word & its exact meaning.

We discovered that, among other things, the word ‘Creole’ signifies an intermediate stage in the evolutionary process of a new language coming into existence.

A formation of any language is an evolutionary process spanning over multiple generations. It begins when people from different cultures and communities come in contact with each other and begin to communicate. It goes back to our ancient known civilizations when traders had to learn to communicate with people from different civilizations. During those early stages, a simplified form of language was formed between the communicating groups. Later on, that simplified form matured into complete languages when passed onto subsequent generations. This stage shows good development of vocabulary & grammar rules. This mature platform of communication is called a ‘Creole’ language. Pretty cool, isn’t it!

Why we do what we do?

We are romantics!

We adore a well-made software regardless of who created it. But when it comes to our work, it’s a bit more complex than that. There are several other emotions attached to what we do, there’s love, there’s inspiration, there’s stubbornness, there’s hunger – it’s a crazy cocktail of emotions. We love what we do! We love it immensely. But truth be told, that’s not the only reason why we wake up everyday and create software.

What we feel about software cannot be explained properly without deriving the analogy from Don Quixote. Just like Don Quixote , we’ve read, lived & known a lot of heart-filling stories of what great things a software can do to human lives.

So much so, that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to revive that emotion in the field of offshore software development. We wish to rectify all that is going wrong in this domain of technology and present the right way by leading an example. We wish to be one of the torchbearers that takes this misconceived sector to its true glory. Sounds deluded, isn’t it? Its romantic, but a tad bit deluded.

What is illness to the body of our knight errant? What matter wounds? For each time he falls he shall rise again. Woe to the wicked! Sancho! My keyboard My mouse!

In this pursuit of ideals, this Quixotic side of ours pushes us beyond our limits. It motivates us to do great work and set new benchmarks for ourselves. But in that pursuit, we’ve also learned to keep our feet on grown and respect the practicality with which the world works. It helps us to function smoothly and to collaborate.

So, in short, we’ve developed our own Sancho Panza along with our own Don Quixote. It’s a complex philosophy, but we believe we have cracked it.


What's so cool about us?

Now, there are several other agencies that can build mobile apps and create cloud-based products and web apps in any technology. There are several other creative studios that can design fancy looking software, and have those stereotype employees with thick nerdy glasses & hipster hairdos. So, what makes us any different than them? What do we do differently? What makes us unique?

Those are pretty good questions. They’re good because they are rarely ever followed by a justifiable answer – an answer that convinces someone with honest & tangible backing. 99% of the times, you’d find generic answers to that question consisting of phrases like ‘state-of-the-art infrastructure’, ‘pathbreaking innovation’, ‘next generation strategy’, ‘proven teams’, etc. But we’ll try and answer that question in a candid and pragmatic way, like everything else that we do.

Yes, we do all those things that a cliched creative studio does. We do it because we like to do it, and not to prove any point. But unlike most teams in this domain, we can cleverly prioritize the objectives of any project that we undertake. We know exactly when to make a module functional in the simplest manner, when to make things look pretty, and how to create something that sweeps people off their feet. It is easier said than done, that’s why even the best and the biggest falter at it. You can easily pull of a wrong string and cause the project’s momentum significantly, or even screw up the entire project. Thus, it is an extremely difficult skill to master.


It is this perfect sense of using our strengths in the right amounts, at the right place, and at the right time, which makes us invincible. It is like Silver Surfer has his superpower of flying, Colossus has his metallic body strength, and Cyclops has his heat rays vision. But then you have Superman, who possesses all of those super-powers singlehandedly and many more, and he uses them very smartly when required. That’s what makes him so amazing & unique. You get the analogy.

So what makes us Superman of building apps? Its our kickass process model. Our process model is like a perfect guiding system that never goes wrong. It tells us which of our super powers should we use at what time. We religiously abide by it to make sure that there is hardly any room for human error. But that process model doesn’t work by itself. It is put into action by our team of amazing showrunners. They are the real heroes that make the magic happen. They are indomitable in their fields of work and they stop at nothing when they’ve set their eyes on a goal. Their wisdom and our process model make a killer combination.