Every company has its unheard story that’s unknown to the world. Creole Studios is no exception. Started in 2014 to transmute the world with bespoke and tailor-made digital solutions and resource augmentation, we cater to both small and big enterprises. With our confident and professional team in different niches such as Web App Development, Mobile App Development, and Cloud App Development, we assure better ROI, exceptional results, outstanding customer experience, and no-risk outcomes.

It doesn’t matter how small or a big challenge, our dedicated team always takes it as a challenge and finds a better way to deliver a high-quality solution. Creole Studios follow three methodologies that ensure that every project should have its way to do and should be the standard one. We build a high-quality digital solution using agile, scrum, and waterfall methodologies.

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Agile Methodology

The agile software development cycle ensures that the customer is satisfied with the end solution and applicable for changing requirements even late in the project development. This development is generally divided into ideation, inception, iteration, release, and support with the time duration and is considered crucial.

Scrum Methodology

Scrum development is a part of the agile methodology used by scrum masters to let the customer understand the whole development cycle and handle software development. The development starts from a basic idea by understanding the requirement and characteristics demanded by the priority that the product owner wants to obtain.

Waterfall Methodology

The waterfall methodology uses a linear approach where stakeholder and customer requirements are initially gathered. As per the name waterfall, the project proceeds in the sequences to accommodate every project requirement. Requirements, design, implementation, quality analysis, and maintenance are the phases of the waterfall methodology.

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We cultivate a diverse pool of talents and leverage their peerless perspectives and innovative ideas to make Creole Studios the industry leader. We are driven by the ecosystem of shared value, guided by honesty, and empowered by a common vision to transform the world digitally in a better way. Meet our leadership team and know how we can help move your business a cut above - together.


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