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A market survey portal for market research agencies.

FastFocus USA
November 2018 (8 months)
$15,000 - $20,000

Business Info

FastFocus is a platform which performs market research and has a state of the art digital approach to connect with its audience in a unique way that traditional market research cannot. It is a platform with dynamic user experience and they have created a survey environment that engages the consumers which results in their thoughtful responses. One thing that sets it apart from the rest of the bunch is how quick the users of FastFocus platform can create and publish studies to their targeted consumers that other traditional survey techniques cannot beat. FastFocus aims to provide genuine data to their client companies by conducting surveys from their ideal customers. It provides answers and insights as survey results with cutting edge technology and resources that save time and gives real-time feedback for their client companies. FastFocus works with a group of partners like Toluna, C Space, Persona Panels and Fuel Cycle who provide larger audiences for surveys and studies.

Business Problem

The client found a big opportunity when they saw how the traditional surveys were often slow paced and not super accurate. So they came up with the requirement to build a portal where they can create and manage teams who want to conduct surveys. In FastFocus mobile application, users create teams and add members to it. There was a requirement where the created team must be able to integrate themselves with their partner agencies. Members of the team must be able to create and manage a market. They needed markets to be divided into sections so the user can identify different markets like building, live and closed markets. They wanted a feature where they can add different ideas to the market for conducting surveys before the market goes live. They also needed a feature where members of the team should be able to close the market, share the link of the market to the audience for a market survey and export the results of market survey. They wanted to view the end reports after the market survey was closed. Members of the team should also be able to prepare a list of questions to conduct surveys and be able to modify or delete the existing questions from the questionnaires.

Project Features

Broadly speaking, the project has two modules: (a) front-end of the website developed in React Native and (b) back-end of the website developed in AWS. When a new team is created from the admin panel, the team owner’s email address has to be entered and an option to select integration partner agencies is available. These options can be modified later from the admin panel itself. The owner of the team can add members to the team and can select their role in the team. Team members can add new markets for conducting surveys and can manage the already created markets. The markets are divided into different categories to identify whether the market status is in progress, live or ended. The team member can perform various operations on the created markets like adding collaborators to the market, sharing the link of the market for survey, export results and closing the market. A team member can add, modify or delete the ideas to the created market before the market goes live. These ideas can include the topics for which they created a market for survey. Tokens will be generated and assigned to the audience who will participate in the survey and the audience can use the token to upvote or downvote the presented ideas. Based on the voting of the audience, a report with detailed analysis will be generated for the markets after they are closed for survey. The team member can filter the generated reports and can export the report with filtered results. Team members can manage the questionnaires and can add a new questionnaire and select question type or can clone from the existing one. Tokens will be generated and assigned to the audience who will participate in the survey and the audience can use the token to upvote or downvote the presented ideas.

Technologies Used

  • React JS
  • AWS

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