10 reasons why you should apply at creole studios right away!

A chance to work with a team of superheroes.


In past 2 years we’ve hired around 30 people after interviewing over 700 candidates, which were shortlisted from over 3000 candidates that have applied. That probably says it all about the kind of people we associate ourselves with.

Experience a culture that blends you in perfectly.


There are avid movie watchers running a movie club in the studio, a few geeks meet up regularly over a chess club, people like to read and write pen their ideas on the company blog, and we order pizza every 13 days on an average.

There is inspiration in every corner of our studio.


Among several cool things that we have in our studio, a life-size replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece, ‘The Starry Night’ hanging on our walls is what we take pride in the most. If you can connect to it, you’re a true Creoleite.

Get paid fairly for your true worth and get rich.


Our minimum wage has been rising at an average of 30% every year. Our highest paid employees don’t earn more than 4x times our lowest paid employees, and we intend to keep that gap as tight as possible.

Make your folks feel proud of you.


Every parent dreams to see their kids working happily at a fine place. Feel free to bring your family to the studio anytime. Show them where you work and let them spend some time with your colleagues. We know what that means to them.

This job would put an end to your nomadic life.


The cave men used to wander in the jungles as a food gatherer. We are evolved species of homo sapiens, so we should act like it. You don’t need to keep shifting from one job to another every year. We bet this job would put an end to that madness.

Get a shot at working in a truly global environment.


With a client-base spread over 13 countries & counting, we’ve got all 6 continents covered. We visit our clients frequently and work very closely with them. So, if you’re suffering from Wanderlust, you’ll probably get paid here to cure it.

Build stuff that is pathbreaking, fresh & meaningful.


Around 30% of our projects are research-based assignments. We like venturing into uncharted territories. Even on our regular assignments, we make sure that our work accounts to something and helps each of our clients that we work with.

Live your passion with no one stopping you.


We encourage ideas, we push talents & we hone interests and skills of our teammates. You’re giving a major chunk of your life to a job, thus we make sure that it is spent in doing something that you love. No one is ever bored here.

If you’re not at Creole Studios, you’re nowhere better.


Well, which startup can boast an employee satisfaction rating of 92.5%? We certainly can’t think of any names. And we haven’t given up on those 7.5%, we’re working with them. They just aren’t sure of what they want in life; it’s just a phase.