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Level up your game by connecting with other sports enthusiasts for your favorite sports.

Sportivity Singapore
App (iOS & Android)
August 2018 (8 Months)
$15,000 - $20,000

Customer Introduction

Being a sports enthusiast himself, the client wished to connect with other sports enthusiasts who also struggled to find a like-minded group of players. It encouraged him to create an online platform offering opportunities to various sports buffs to join next-door players and explore their mutual interests in sports. Through this platform, the client also aimed to encourage various sports enthusiasts in Singapore and other Asian countries to find the right training for their sport.

Addressing the Problem

The Sportivity CEO struggled to turn his idea into visual design and create MVP for the market. Creole Studios acknowledged this issue and helped the Sportivity CEO fix the problem.

The Sportivity CEO wanted to develop a precise community platform for sports enthusiasts. His application allowed organizing full-fledging matches and forming teams. Creole Studios was hired to design and develop an online platform that enables players to find their playing partner’s nearby spots.

The Creole Process

Sportivity approached Creole Studios and reviewed a few applications of our dedicated developers to test skills and knowledge. After reviewing, the client shortlisted our developers and conducted a quick screening interview. That’s when Creole Studios allocated a team of skilled developers and helped with resources.

The dedicated team of developers updated the progress to the client through weekly meetings to measure ongoing progress. The Creole Studios have used project management and communication tools like Trello, Slack, Jira, and Skype to avoid delays, pauses, and time conflicts. The professional developers worked very closely with the client until project completion and successfully launched a mobile application using cutting-edge technologies like React Native, Firebase, and PHP.

Project Features


"Kudos to the team of Creole Studios. We received excellent feedback from primary users as they enjoy using the app, especially from the design perspective. Design elements are exquisite to attract users. Creole Studios gave their best and delivered quality work on time."

Elan S.

Founder at Sportivity

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The Creole Solution and Key features

Our developers overviewed the project and started the mission to deliver a highly engaging, scalable, and feature-packed sports app that addresses the pain points of participation in sports at a recreational and social level. The client needed a consistent user experience on a mobile platform.

The Creole Studio’s team of highly-experienced developers managed and worked on the project consistently and ensured its delivery within the defined timeline. Collaborated with the client throughout the development phase, we delivered the mobile app with the following features:

Sign up/ Login page

The users can sign up and log in to the app via Facebook and Google accounts while building their profile and rate skills for the selected sport. The users can also rate players with Bronze, Silver, or Gold based on skill pointers.

Community building

The mobile app development for sports enthusiasts offers an ideal platform for the players to build a community who walk the same path. Sports enthusiasts can create multiple communities based on their interests and can add other like-minded people. The user can search for sports enthusiasts with a filter of the region/area/location to find and connect with others.

Host Club activities

Create and invite players to host club-based sports to play. The user can see the clubs mentioning the sport, location, number of players required, and duration of the event. They can also refer to other players, or players can join themselves.

Customer benefits and results achieved

The client received excellent feedback from the audience, and currently, many people are using the app. Since the client was concerned about time, we had allocated a dedicated team through a daily and monthly rolling contract. Sportivity has become a universal platform for players now as they can conveniently search for sports partners, activities within a specific area, and book venues.

Technology Stack and architecture

  • React Native
  • .Net
  • Firebase
  • PHP
  • Slack
  • Jira
  • Skype
  • Sketch

Creole Studios used React Native for the Front-end and .Net for backend development. The vetted team used other tools like Firebase and Sketch for real-time messaging and elegant designs.

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