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In this digital era, almost every business is trying to own a website. There are 1.88 billion websites available, as per a Statista study. This also brings in a lot of competition. To understand how your website is doing, you need to get it analyzed. Creole Studios researched a few website analytics tools that have been coming in a handy way to improve your business performance and gain traffic on the website. 

Everyone has been discussing analytics, numbers, business, growth, strategy, etc. But do you know what role website analytics play in it? How do tracking consumer behavior and page visits impact the business? This blog shall help you understand all about website analytics.

The concept of website analytics and its significance:

Website analytics is defined as the process of collecting, identifying, analyzing, and reviewing the behavioral data of website users.

Some critical parameters of the data collected by website analytics tools may include traffic sources, page views, call-to-action clicks, paths clicked on, client acquisition rates, etc. These parameters help form a metric for consumer management. Based on the rates provided by this data, businesses can align their strategy to acquire and retain consumers.

Website analytics can help gain accurate data on user traffic and the website’s audience. It can help determine various factors like consumer loyalty, geographic factors that affect the sales of products and services, etc. It can also help in understanding the rate of return on investment.


Top 5 website analytics tools:

Website analytics can be carried out by using some analytics tools. We are listing some of the most effective website analytics tools below.

1. Google Analytics

Powered by Google, this is a state of art analytics platform that is extremely popular amongst website users and digital marketing agencies. It is a tool curated with thorough research. 

Google Analytics is enabled to provide a holistic view of consumer behavior. It helps in precisely determining how well the website viewer is engaging in the content. This tool uses artificial intelligence to assist in monitoring, filtering, segmenting, and analyzing consumer data. The management and customer relationship managers can take some critical marketing and strategic decisions based on the data collected by the website analytics tool. 

Various features provided by Google Analytics include report curation, data collection, data visualization, performance insight, consumer journey, etc. One of the most notable features of Google Analytics is Smart Goals. This feature helps identify opportunities in bids, advertisements, and call to action on websites, leading to maximum consumer conversion. 

Compatibility – All platforms

Pricing – Free trial available

Pros –

  • Easy to integrate
  • Downloadable customized reports
  • Provides 360-degree analytics
  • Regularly updated

Cons –

  • Complex data sampling
  • Considers more anonymous data
  • Limited monthly user action insight

2. Clicky

Clicky, a website analytics tool, was introduced 13 years ago to enable business owners by helping them monitor their online actions in real-time on their websites. 

Used by more than a million websites to analyze their consumer data and monitor their traffic, Clicky has been proven to be one of the most preferred website analytics tools. Clicky can be plugged into the system or manually installed. It uses a tracking code that helps in monitoring the visitors.

This tool records every visit to the website and also traces the location of every visitor. One of Clicky’s most notable features is the real-time heatmap tracking enabled for each visitor. Clicky dashboards are user-friendly, and they provide customized reports.

Compatibility – All platforms

Pricing – Free trial is available. Various plans can be chosen after analyzing the user’s requirements. 

Pros – 

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Quick support
  • Allows real-time data tracking

Cons –

  • File exporting limitations
  • Sometimes it becomes prolonged. 

3. Matomo

Popular in more than 100 countries, Matomo is a website analytics tool that provides total control of the data to the business. It is a one-stop solution for all analytics requirements.

It is known for its user-friendly portal. From custom reporting to event tracking, Matomo empowers its users with a range of analytics features that eventually help to pave the way for the growth of the business.

Matomo also has heat tracking and session recording, allowing the business to retract user paths. Using these features, managers can identify the flaws and recognize the elements working well with the website.

Compatibility – All platforms

Pricing – A free trial is available

Pros –

  • Easy to use
  • Quick integration

Cons –

  • Lack of immediate support
  • Requires MySql knowledge for use

4. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a prominent website analytics tool that helps gain information about website visitors. It provides a detailed and highly detailed analysis of the customer journey on the website. 

Gaining some impactful insights becomes extremely feasible with this tool. The machine learning algorithms that are implied help predict future consumer acquisitions. From traffic tracking and engagement analysis to funnel analysis, this website analytics tool aids business prominently.

Some other features of SimpleWeb include referring sites, geographical location, ads analysis, display ads, etc. 

Compatibility – it is compatible with all platforms

Pricing – It is free. For extensive use, an enterprise version is available. 

Pros –

  • It is easy to use
  • Detailed reports
  • Holistic data coverage

Cons –

  • Captures only web-desktop-based traffic
  • Predictions for sites are overestimated

5. Hotjar

Hotjar is yet another reliable website analytics tool that helps the business by merging data and feedback.

Various features that are present in the Hotjar tool are heatmaps – through which the user patterns are collected. Visitor recording and conversion funnels track actual time user activity and factors that don’t work in favor of the website.

Hotjar also uses surveys and questionnaire polls to receive feedback from the user. This feedback helps the business improve its website features which then helps gain more visitors and eventually pave the way for growth. 

Compatibility – It is compatible with all platforms. 

Pricing – It is a free tool, and the paid version is also available. 

Pros –

  • Easy integration
  • Helps measure site accuracy
  • Customizable funnel
  • Visual reports

Cons –

  • Lack of criteria-based filters
  • Overestimated analytics
  • Download recording is limited

These are a few most used website analytics tools. However, there are various other tools that the digital team of your business can use to bring success to the company. 

Panasonic, a renowned brand, is known for its home appliances, digital gadgets, lights, etc., and used the power of digital marketing to grow business. Using Google Analytics, they noticed that a significant amount of their purchases happened during special occasions like festivals, marriage, buying a new home, etc. They also analyzed the products commonly brought together. 

They changed ads based on the search history and combination of users. This led them to gain 30% more Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 



Consumer behavior is an essential factor affecting businesses, and studying their traits is crucial. It is highly advisable to use a website analytics tool to ensure the business grows. 

Apart from the tools mentioned above, your team can use various other tools available in the market to maximize business profitability. You can select a website analytics tool based on your requirements or connect with Creole Studios for further information. 

Creole Studios provides an extensive range of services in the fields of website application development. We offer a holistic solution to your digital presence requirements.

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