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Medical Assistant with Text to Speech (OSCEGPT)

Revolutionizing Medical Education: Empowering Clinical Skills with AI-Powered Virtual Patient Interactions

Medical Assistant with Text to Speech CANADA
MAY 2023 (1 - 2 Month)
$10000 to $15000

Customer Introduction

Our esteemed client, approached Creole Studios seeking an innovative solution to enhance medical education and improve the clinical skills of their students. They sought a platform that could provide medical students with realistic patient interactions and dynamic feedback, replicating the challenges and emotions encountered during real-life clinical interviews.

Addressing the Problem

The traditional Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) method used by the medical school had limitations in offering authentic patient interactions and providing immediate, relevant feedback. The lack of real-world patient scenarios hindered the students' ability to develop essential clinical skills, leading to a demand for a more immersive and engaging learning experience.

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The Creole Process

To address the client's needs, Creole Studios embarked on developing the OSCEGPT app, a cutting-edge solution powered by advanced AI technologies. The development process involved several key stages:

1. Requirement Gathering: Creole Studios collaborated closely with the medical school to understand their specific needs, desired features, and learning objectives. The goal was to create a comprehensive platform that catered to the medical students' training requirements.

2. Technology Integration: Whisper, GPT-4, technologies were carefully integrated into the app's architecture. Whisper facilitated the creation of realistic patient responses, while GPT-4 enhanced the AI-generated interactions with contextual relevance.

3. Scenario Design: Creole Studios designed a diverse range of virtual patient scenarios, covering various clinical disorders and medical conditions. Each scenario was meticulously crafted to simulate real-life patient interactions

4. Calgary-Cambridge Guide Integration: The OSCEGPT app seamlessly integrated the Calgary-Cambridge guide for medical interviews, providing students with a structured approach to history-taking and communication skills.

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Key features

Virtual Patient Interactions

OSCEGPT offered medical students a lifelike experience of interacting with virtual patients. The app presented a variety of clinical scenarios, allowing students to practice their clinical skills in a risk-free environment.

Realistic AI-Powered Responses

The integration of Whisper and GPT-4 ensured that the virtual patients’ responses were contextually relevant and emotionally realistic. This feature enhanced the authenticity of the learning experience.

Immediate Feedback

After each interaction, the app provided students with dynamic feedback based on the Calgary-Cambridge guide. This feature helped students identify their strengths and weaknesses, enabling continuous improvement.

SOAP Note Creation:

OSCEGPT enabled students to create SOAP notes based on their interactions with virtual patients. This feature honed their clinical documentation skills, an essential aspect of medical practice.

Technology Stack and architecture

  • Nest JS
  • React JS
  • OpenAI

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