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Tim Cook once said on a Charlie Rose interview, ‘despite this table being so small, that we’re sitting at, you could put every single Apple product on it that we’re shipping today. Yet, our revenues this year would be around 180 billion dollars. Perhaps no company on earth can say that. Most companies begin to do a larger and larger portfolios as it is so easy to add. It’s hard to edit. It is hard to stay focused.’ Now, we aren’t a product making company like Apple. But there is a notion in those words of Tim Cook that strikes a chord with us, and that notion is to avoid being Jacks of all & instead strive to be masters of some. As a software studio, it is harder for us to stick to that idea because we’re chasing tech trends & growth.

As a software tech company in the service domain, like many others, we too were faced with a choice to offer a wide spectrum of services covering every major area of software development. You’d come across several companies who’ve got teams working on Mobile apps, Open Source technologies, Microsoft technologies & Java’s platform, all at once. From a sales perspective it sounds like a good strong arsenal. But what we see is fragmentation of resources, diluted knowledge base & a money-minded management. We aren’t one of them. We aspire to be a solution-focused team of experts with carefully curated service offerings that keeps us relevant and allows us to provide our clients with all their needs

mobile app development

Mobile applications development for iOS & Android

It’d be downright dumb to call ourselves a tech company without having an ability to build mobile apps in today’s times. Since we began working, we’ve been heavily banking on the mobile apps and so far it has paid off really well. People are downloading apps in billions across both major mobile platforms. This shows that this is more than just a phenomenon. It is the new way we compute now. With that paradigm shift in personal computing, the foray of the mobile apps into the business world was inevitable. Today, we create iOS and Android smartphone apps for companies of all sizes. These apps help them in carrying out their most essential business operations, which has made them powerful and efficient like never before.

So, what does it take to build a mobile app for your business? Well, a lot of things actually. A proper thought process has to go into deciding things like the platform (iOS, or Android, or both), the technology approach (native, or cross-platform), the form factor (the smartphones, the tablets, the wearables, or all of them), etc. Oh yes, we do create apps for wearables, or smartwatches, or VR headsets, etc. if those technologies fit well into your business processes. Our mobile app development team builds apps very thoughtfully to make sure that the app generates a significant impact on your business. If the app is a fresh idea for a business, then we also work with you on tackling challenges like market research, feasibility analysis, usability analysis, etc.

Web app development

Developing systems for web & eCommerce development

It is a no brainer that since past few years, the volume of e-commerce trade has been growing hands over fists. Even in next few years to come, it only seems that it’d continue to keep growing. Right from small boutique businesses to multinational corporations, everyone has moved towards selling their products or services online. There is practically nothing in the world today that cannot be sold, rented, or leased online. We live in the age of Amazons and Alibabas. If you’re not selling online already, you’re a dinosaur. If you tried your hand at it, and it didn’t work out, don’t worry. It is not as easy as it might seem. It is almost as tough to build a successfully running e-commerce system as it is to build its brick-n-mortar version.

There is so much more to creating the e-commerce web portals than what meets the eye. There is the front-end system showcasing your products in an intelligent and aesthetically pleasing way, there is also the entire back office system comprising of inventory & supply-chain management and a zillion other things like ordering, warehousing, logistics, procurement, franchising, accounting, customer management, and what not! And each of these modules need to be configured in a specific way for each specific business in its own local setting. We have been fortunate to have had several opportunities to work on e-commerce projects from wide range of industries like online food ordering, crowd-funding, car renting, on-demand logistics, wide range of subscription systems, and a lot more.

Cloud app development

Creating apps in cloud & other contemporary technologies

This is our skunk works division, our Area 51 of sorts ;-). The place where we build advanced systems for businesses who are gearing up to rule the future. Within just first quarter of this 21st century the world of computing has undergone major tectonic shifts. Perhaps no other industry has ever undergone such a huge paradigm shift in human history. This calls for grave attention. In such fast moving times, if you’ve a business that is heavily reliant on modern technology then you can’t afford to think of what are the current trends. You’ll have to think of what would be relevant in next 3-5 years from now. Thus, your business software has to be built with promising and powerful technologies that gives your superpowers.

The foundation of the contemporary and future technology lies in Cloud computing. Using cloud computing, you can build variety of modern and futuristic apps and systems. If your business has to do with the working of of general purpose electronic devices, then Internet of Things (IoT) based systems backed by cloud technology can do wonders to it. If your business deals in high volume data, you need to firstly store them efficiently using the data warehousing techniques of Big Data technologies and then you need to use machine learning algorithms on that data in order to study the user patterns & analytics. Be it a media streaming service, or a distributed computing platform, or an intelligent file storage system, everything needs to be powered using cloud apps.

Hire Resources On Contract

Hire Resources On Contract

So you got an amazing project at hand, have rallied up a team of well versed resources for it and are ready for action. But you notice that just like a missing jigsaw puzzle piece that breaks the entire puzzle, you’re missing one (or some) key resources to take that project to the finish lines.

As a software tech company ourselves, we know the levels of rummaging that needs to be done to hire quality resources that fill the exact gap that a project has. If you, keeping your project aside, try to go out and scavenge for quality resources, you’re going to have a very tough time finding that missing piece. You’ll find a lot of sub-par pieces, but getting hold of the perfect one will be like finding a needle in the haystack.

We at Creole Studios aim to make this process easier for you by providing you with quality, hand-picked and bankable resources on contract that will drive your project to the destination that you want it to go. They are experts at what they do and you won’t even realise that you’ve missed a piece from your puzzle.


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