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Khalsa Aid

An international NGO with the aim to provide humanitarian aid to the needy.

Khalsa Aid UK
October 2022 (2 months)
$10,000 to $12,000

Customer Introduction

Founded in 1999, Khalsa Aid is a charity registered in the United Kingdom that helps provide relief to disaster victims across the world. Khalsa Aid works in three key areas: disaster relief, enabling self-reliance, and providing medical aid. For the last two decades, they have been providing aid and relief to those affected by natural disasters and those facing extreme poverty. They needed to revamp their online platform where donors and investors can get an idea about their works in different domains and make donations.

Addressing the Problem

The challenge was to redesign a platform without losing sight of its primary purpose while also keeping it appealing, and simple to use. The new revamped website should be capable to collect donations from around the world and help the NGO solidify its online presence to gain the trust of donors and investors. They wanted to increase visits to their website, collect more donations and acquire more volunteers to fund their relief campaigns.

The Creole Process

After understanding their purpose and targeted audience we choose the WordPress as right technology stack for redevelopment and used the Hello Elementor theme for building pages as the client’s requirement includes minimal styling. we redesigned and developed the website pages custom to show the past and current project posts, News/Story posts, and a donation section so donors can directly donate to the various campaigns they are running. To further simplify the donation process, we implemented the Donorbox plugin with the website, making it easy directly make donations without any hassles.

In addition, we helped the organization implement an email marketing and newsletter service powered by MailChimp. This automated system enabled the Khalsa Aid team to continuously thank donors, as well as inform them about their campaigns and upcoming events.

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The Creole Solution and Key features

Our custom-made pages are designed with a simple and user-friendly journey that makes it easy to explore the work of Khalsa Aid and make donations.


The landing page has been updated to better highlight the goals and activities of Khalsa Aid. The clear call to action for donations and social media hub has been preserved, making it simple to redirect investors and donors to those pages.

About Us

We have developed the about us page to reflect their purpose and NGO journeys from the beginning. We have incorporated their establishment story and partners’ details on the page for user knowledge.


We have developed a custom page to showcase the different projects and campaigns run by Khalsa Aid. From active, past, and recent projects, users can explore and find the one that resonates with them.


We have developed a custom news page where one can view stories and updates posted by Khalsa Aid. 

Support Us

We have kept the donation process simple and straightforward. We developed a donation page with integrated PayPal for quick, one-time, and monthly donations. Plus, for different countries, we have kept different payment options for convenient donations.

Technology Stack and architecture

  • WordPress
  • MySQL

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