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Today, it has become essential for every business to have a presence online, be it through a website or an application. This requirement makes the role of UI and UX more critical. The UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) of that website or application are the faces and the first impression of the business. UI has the power to make or break your business. 

An interesting study shows that there is around more than 34 percent of customers that will make an impulse or unplanned purchase after coming across an enhanced user interface. Another interesting study shows that approximately 70 percent of online customers abandon the idea of buying a product or service due to poor UI-UX.

Why are the latest UI design trends important?

In this ever-growing world, trends change rapidly. UI trends 2023 are exclusive and different from the UI trends of previous decades. They have changed exponentially over the years.

It becomes significant to stay in line with the latest UI trends to meet competition and growth. The UI design trends are nothing but the changing combinations of colors, psychology, and design. UI is the website or application element that talks to the consumer, and on the contrary, the user experience focuses on making the digital process as smooth and easy for everyone as possible. 

UI trends are developed after studying the change in consumer behavior in depth. Based on these behaviors, UI design trends have enhanced over the years.

Top UI TRENDS of 2023:

Like always, Creole studios have got your back! We have researched on your behalf to help you ace the UI trends game! Here is a list of the top 5 UI design trends of 2023. These trends are widely accepted in today’s world and have received tremendous success. 

1. NeoPOP

NeoPOP, as the name suggests, is a style inspired by POPart. NeoPop is also known as Post-POP. 

It is inspired by the POPart that depicts the minimalism and conceptualism of the late 1960s. The original concept of NeoPOP revolved around iconography that was derived from the daily routines of individuals.

NeoPOP UI trend consists of a bright retro design styled with loud colors. It is a highly tacky and fun trend of innovation. It also includes comic iconography, geometric shapes, and anything and everything retro.

Recently, CRED – a fintech company, introduced NeoPOP inspired platform that leverages NeoPOP-themed UI framework for all.

2. Glassmorphic UI

Resembling a translucent background that enables the overall UI, the Glassmorphic UI trend is the most loved UI design trend of 2023.

These designs work brilliantly in all the backgrounds, especially the bright backgrounds that enhance the fonts and look.

Through Glassmorphic UI, it becomes incredibly feasible to highlight the main points in the design which are essential for every customer. 

The hierarchy-induced design makes it easy for readers to focus on essential points. This design is widely accepted among individuals with partial or impaired vision. However, it is crucial to place the cards and select the colors and fonts wisely. 

Creating a Glassmorphic design is extremely easy. Various UI design portals help in the curation of Glassmorphic themes with minimum effort. 

Considering an example, ‘Try Coffee’ has brewed an amazing glass morphic template for its website. It has brilliantly balanced the colors, fonts, and overall design.

3. Distortion

Another fun UI trend of 2023 is Distortion. The distortion effect is given by stretching or glitching the fonts and pictures. It is a bold choice that is rapidly gaining popularity.

Optical illusions, techno or robotic content, and hazy-looking content are generally some standard distortion designs implied. 

Distortion is used to convey some bold messages and is generally used when any controversial topic is mentioned. It is an extremely popular style amongst brands and content whose immediate target audience is the youth.

Design Embraced and the KIKK website have mastered the distortion style of UI design. These two websites have vividly incorporated distortion into their themes, and you can see the magic of glitches!

4. Brutalism 

Brutalism is one of the rawest and unaltered UI design trends that is winning over the internet today.

This UI design style is inspired by the Brutalist movement of history, which occurred in the early 1980s. The brutalist movement happened post World War II when steel and cement were available in abundance. This abundant raw material was used to make churches, schools, parliament buildings, etc., post world war. The easy availability of raw materials inspired builders to make the architecture bold, ruthless, and intimidating.

Similarly, the brutalist web design is observed to be thought-provoking, liberating, and clear because of its bold outlook. This UI design trend comprises primary colors, no shadows or gradients, the depiction is overlapping, and there is a lack of symmetry and animation.

The controversial fashion brand, Balenciaga is one of the best websites styled using brutalism! It is a perfect example of this style of UI design!

5. Retro Futurism

An oxymoron in itself, Retro-futurism is a design style that depicts retro illustrations of the predicted future. One of the best examples of this style is the marvel and DC comic books. 

It is a very colorful and brilliant concept that is classy in style and full of bright colors.

The designs are inspired by pop culture and graphics from before the 1960s. The designs have some typical characteristics like geometrical shapes, the presence of technology, vintage design touches, and a blend of modern-day aesthetics.

This style is widely accepted by everyone and is loved by new as well as old generations. So if you have a wider target audience, this UI design is your go-to style!

Retro Futurism is brilliantly used by the extremely famous website – Spacejam from the 1990s. This website is still live. Mom and Popcorn have also induced this theme into their design.


Of many different styles and designs available on the internet, above mentioned styles are the most popular today. We know it is important to follow the trend and keep up with the change game, but it is also crucial to keep a check on what is working for your brand and what is not. While most of us keep track of what can be done, we forget to check what mistakes must be avoided to avoid failure. Here is an article that you can follow to prevent UI failure

If you are looking for someone who can help you design a savage UI, keeping in mind the latest design trends, your search comes to an end here. We at Creole Studios strive to provide excellent services by bringing your ideas and imagination to life. We aim to make websites and applications that help your business gain traction.

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