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Empowering women to stimulate wealth generation through networks, tools, and knowledge

Bixie Singapore
App (iOS & Android)
August 2021 (ongoing)
$30,000- $50,000

Customer Introduction


Bixie is a financial platform for women to stabilize their money and learn to be financially stable. By empowering women to know financial worth, Bixie aimed to bridge the gender divide in access to finance. It’s a one-stop platform where women can read valuable insights and network all in one place.

Addressing the Problem

Due to a lack of resources, the founder of Bixie, Rozalia Gitao, contacted one of Creole Studios' clients to get a single dedicated resource. Since Bixie was a startup, the client wanted to hire someone with expertise and skills who can help her build a mobile app with a seamless and richer experience. The client wanted Creole Studios to develop an app that motivates as many women as possible to understand the importance of financial literacy.

The Creole Process

Bixie identified a hiring need and approached Creole Studios to get resources that can build mobile apps. Since the client was in startup mode, hiring resources has become essential to developing an engaging mobile app. Creole Studios team helped constantly and allocated a developer to work dedicatedly.

Creole Studios dedicated developers worked very closely with Bixie and ensured timely delivery, support, and high performance. The founder of Bixie, Rozalia Gitao, wanted a mobile app that demonstrates how Bixie can help women know and grow finances. The client hired Creole Studio’s three different resources, Nodejs, Flutter, and UI designers.

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The Creole Solution and Key features

Creole Studios resources reviewed the project and started working on a Bixie application for the first half of the project. The client asked for a digital financial home for women and a great platform that delivers a seamless experience.

The Creole Studio’s team managed to create a mobile application that empowers women to understand the importance of financial literacy and realize financial freedom. Some of the great features we provided on the app are:


Access the cohort support and professional advisors through the community platform. Connect with your friends and achieve your financial goals together.

Knowledge Center

Learn more about financial literacy, budgeting, and goal-setting support through the knowledge center to boost your confidence when making financial decisions.


Set a financial goal on Bixie to monitor your savings and control your personal finance.

technology stack and architecture

  • Nodejs
  • Firebase
  • S3
  • Sendbird
  • Twilio
  • Redis
  • SQS
  • postgres

Creole Studios used different technologies like Nodejs, NestJs, and Postgres to build Bixie mobile applications. The developers have used project management tools like Jira, Confluence, and Zoom.

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