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An on-demand marketplace helps employers meet specialists under one roof.

FriMarked Denmark
January 2021 (5 months)
$45,000 to $50,000

Customer Introduction

FriMarked is a utility-based enterprise marketplace based in Denmark. FriMarked is designed for the needs of the on-demand market, with an interface that's intuitive to use and a wide range of useful functions like finding jobs, communicating with clients, and receiving payment. It's also secure, with thorough security measures and no chargebacks. And since the platform is full of verified and registered service providers, it also gives the service providers an opportunity to find work or a part-time gig as well.

Addressing the Problem

The client needed an on-demand platform where customers can easily search for service providers and also help professionals find work through the same platform. By keeping employers who can create jobs, and service providers who offer services as core actors, clients needed chat functionality and a fair payment model according to work standards. We have helped in designing and developing a model that can benefit both customers and service providers, also allowing the client to earn some % from their payments.

The Creole Process

This project began from scratch, and to fully grasp the client's requirements, we held discovery sessions and mapped the project's development scope. We produced comprehensive scoping documents, high-fidelity wireframes, and responsive UI designs. We began the development process after receiving the client's permission for the design, using the MERN stack. For high-resolution portfolio data and large-scale data processing, we leveraged Amazon services such as S3, EC2, and RDS.

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The Creole Solution and Key features

FriMarked offers the requisite service by scrutinizingly landing the experts at your doorstep. To help you understand more about the fully-fledged working of the system, here are some of the key modules:

Task Management

For the employer end we have developed a seamless module to manage the tasks from basic operations such as creating/editing/requesting to more complicated cases such as workflows for ongoing tasks for suspended user accounts. The employer can post service requirements anytime, send invites to specialists and analyze the profile of their service providers before finalizing the deal.

Choose Services

After successful registration, the specialist can offer their services on the platform and select many services such as plumbing, repairing, construction work, etc. We have provided a vast list of service categories and subcategories where the specialist can even add custom categories and also decides their charge per hour for each service.


We have developed a feature for a specialist to create an album for any of their listed services and include work images or videos portfolio for employer references. The specialist can also control the visibility of their album portfolio and make any necessary changes thereto.


To get hired by the employer, the specialist must submit a bid for their task or receive a task invite. Before hiring the best expert, the employer can evaluate their profile, ratings and feedback, and the big amount.


A chat feature was provided, with conditions on which users can initiate the conversations and when they will be closed based on mutual task status. The customers can directly get in touch with the service providers and consult them about their queries regarding services and payment before and during the service timeline.

Find Task

The specialist can find tasks based on their preferred geolocation using a dynamic filter, wherein they can choose the category and subcategory of the job they are interested in, the radius of their location preference, task status, and budget to easily find the job they are looking for.

Payment History

With the help of Stripe Connect, we have developed an escrow facility to secure funds between the employer and the employee. The amount to be paid by the employer will be the specialist’s bid amount; this amount will first be transferred to FriMarked’s account through the escrow service and will remain there for x number of days until the employer signs off on the completion of the work.

Disputed Task

There is a dispute resolution module in the admin panel where the admin can intervene, resolve disputes and do a custom payout to each of the parties affected.

User Profile

This platform intends to advertise the specialists’ skills so they can be picked by employers. To make sure the specialists are genuine and employers are not wasting their time we have implemented APIs to verify the NemID (Danish citizen identifier) of users while they register.

Technology Stack and architecture

  • React JS
  • Nest JS
  • AWS

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