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A crowdfunding platform for companies to make donations on humanitarian projects.

B1g1 Singapore
February 2016 (13 Months)
$40,000 - $50,000

Business Info

B1G1 is a Singapore based company that focuses on generating funds for humanitarian organizations via corporate CSR. But it doesn't generate funds in a conventional way. It has a unique way of associating the funds generated from its crowdfunding platform to a tangible impact value generated in the world. Then all the impacts are cumulated together. All of this is done via their web platform where companies can sign up an become members. Then they can track their givings regularly and can find the projects that they wish to associate with. This gives the CSR activities of member companies a definite value for all their donations that they can share with their staff, shareholders and others.

This way, a $100 donation by a member company would give them a specific impact value based on the project that they donated to. If they donated to a school construction project, it'd say their $100 helped in getting 500 bricks, which is 500 impacts. If they donated to Red Cross, it'd say they helped in getting a 1000 medicines. They can also associate their business activity to one of their chosen projects and create a story. So, a coffee shop can create a story which says, 'every time someone purchases a cup of coffee from their cafe, a kid in Uganda gets a polio vaccine'. Or an accounting firm's story would say, 'for every audit they perform, 100 books are donated to a school in Cambodia'.


Business Problem

When they met us, B1G1's software comprised of a Drupal-based website that only showcased their projects and allowed the member companies to donate money on them. Due to its Drupal-CMS, they could only make the website function as per the plugins available. This had compelled them to integrate tons of plugins in it, which had slowed down the system considerably. More importantly, they weren't able to add several new features that they wanted to provide to their registered members. Also, the interface of that front-end website was lacking in aesthetic value and gave an aura of a website from 90s. It screamed for a complete overhaul of their interface and recreate their user experience from scratch.

Apart from the problems they were facing on their front-end website, they had no internal software support which allowed them to handle and work with the humanitarian organizations that they were working with. They had to prepare detailed reports for all the projects that B1G1 was managing on their platform for all their partner institutes. Those reports contained all info about the donations generated on their projects. Also, the admin panel that was offered by Drupal, didn't give them any info that was useful in managing their internal operations. They were running all their efforts related to marketing & promotions, user analytics, funds management, and tons of other things on their own manually.

Project Features

Our business analysis team travelled to Singapore to interact with the B1G1's team and understand all the problems that they were facing. After staying with them for over 2 weeks and studying each of their operations, we began drafting their wireframes from scratch. The new system comprised of 3 distinct powerful sections: (a) the front-end with the member area, (b) the member organisation panel & (c) the B1G1 admin area. The member area was completely renovated along with their front-end website. The new member area also included several new features like stories, habitual giving, giving widgets, gratitude certificates, etc. This took the member experience to a whole new level.

The newly created B1G1 admin area brought about a huge paradigm shift in majority of their operations. A lot of those important operations moved from manual to automated and software-based. This meant that the B1G1 team had several important statistics and analytics that they could analyse and work with. The partnered organizations had a completely new way to interact with B1G1's team and they too had a lot of useful information provided to them. Earlier, bringing a new organisation on board was a tediously long process with a lot of paperwork. But now, any new humanitarian organisation can register online directly from the B1G1 website and start working with them.

We paid extra attention to the design and the overall user experience of the system. The front-end and also the partner organisation area had to look modern and sleek. The B1G1 team gave us guidelines based on what they envisioned for the new platform. We followed on those guidelines and crafted an interface that they loved. We kept their branding and logo intact and built the new UI using them. This kept the existing B1G1 brand synonymous with the people who were already familiar with it. The job didn't end at creating a new UI, we bundled that great looking interface with the power of Angular JS to deliver the content in the most elegant way possible. The end result was our best work in UI/UX.

Technologies Used

  • Laravel
  • Angular JS
  • Wordpress
  • Bootstrap

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