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Are you looking for the best mobile app analytics tools? Then you’ve come to the right place and read the right article! Creole Studios has done some research for you that might be helpful to your business. Mobile app analytics tools help enhance the performance of your business application. There are a lot of mobile Application analyzers, but in this blog, we have listed some top-performing tools for you.

What is mobile app analytics?

Mobile App Analytics is a concept we have all been coming across for quite some time now. As the name suggests, mobile app analytics is a form of analysis report that is crafted after a detailed analysis of the consumer data collected by the system. 

Based on the analytics report published, developers can use it to enhance the application further. Suppose the mobile application analytics is done in-depth. In that case, one can also see the features that require tweaking, the features of the application that are working efficiently and can track consumer habits. 

This study leads to an enhanced application that brings consumer satisfaction. Collected data also helps in the marketing game, finally paving the way for the growth and success of the business.

Significance of mobile app analytics in 2023:

A study by Statista mentions that “In 2023, it is predicted that the annual number of app downloads worldwide will amount to 299 billion, up from approximately 247 billion global app downloads in 2020.” Through this statement, we can conclude that the rate at which applications are being downloaded is 21% approximately, and the app market is growing at a rapid pace. 

To stay put in this competitive environment, you, as a business owner, must constantly keep an eye out for trends and consumer behavior. Having your mobile apps analyzed makes this process easy for you. Mobile app analyzing tools can identify the parameters mentioned below –

  1. Application performance
  2. Consumer conversation
  3. Slow and sticky features
  4. Consumer acquisition
  5. Consumer habits
  6. Visits, views, and clicks
  7. Real-time campaigns 

As per Forbes, “Companies who adopt data-driven marketing are more likely to have an advantage over the competition and increase profitability. They are six times more likely to be profitable year-over-year”. This amplifies the importance of analyzing your business application.

Top 5 Mobile App Analytics Tools For 2023:

We have listed the five best mobile app analytics tools based on extensive research, considering various metrics and pricing parameters along with Android or iOS compatibility. 

1. Firebase

Introduced by Google, Firebase is a Cloud hosted database. It is a NoSQL database following a document model. It efficiently helps in synchronizing and storing the real-time data of the clients. Firebase is available for offline use as well hence making it compatible with serverless applications too. This analyzer is horizontally scaled and built on Google infrastructure.

Firebase provides various features like analytics, authentication, performance monitoring, messaging, and notifying, etc. As it is a Google product based on Google infrastructure, it also integrates with Google Ads, AdMob, Google Marketing Platform, the Play Store, Data Studio, BigQuery, Slack, Jira, etc.

Compatibility – iOS and Android compatible

Pricing – Free trial available

Pros –  

  1. Readily available on the Google play store
  2. Covers all the metrics of analytics
  3. Advanced crash reporting
  4. Unified web and application analysis report

Cons –

  1. Cohort analysis is not available
  2. Complex UI for first-time users
  3. Not cost-effective for high-traffic applications.

2. Flurry

Introduced by Yahoo, Flurry is, in fact, the first mobile application analytics tool that first launched in 2008. Like any other analyzer, Flurry helps businesses to track their consumer behavior in real-time metrics. It incorporates the application data collected by the Analytics SDK and provides standard and customizable reports. Flurry has been listed in the Fortune 500 as one of the top-performing start-ups.

Compatibility – iOS and Android compatible

Pricing – Free

Pros –  

  1. Integrates easily
  2. Easy to use
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Compatible with various applications

Cons – 

  1. Lacking efficiency in support 
  2. Limitations in customization
  3. Exporting data is difficult
  4. It is not updated frequently

3. Amplitude

Used by everyone, from freelancers to multinational corporations, Amplitude is a highly efficient mobile and website analytics platform that is proficient at collecting and providing behavioral analytics of users. It helps curate the reports efficiently, and the reports produced by Amplitude use various visuals and graphics, making data comprehension extremely feasible.

This application includes data about customer experience, a growth engine (beta) for product iteration, product portfolio curation, and SQL access to address customer queries. With Amplitude, you can seamlessly integrate with software like Adjust, Amazon, AppsFlyer, Apptimize, Branch, Google Play, Iterable, iTunes, Kochava, Leanplum, and mParticle.

Compatibility – iOS and Android compatible

Pricing – Free trial available

Pros –  

  1. Quick support for customers
  2. Customizable reports
  3. Strong and in-depth analysis

Cons – 

  1. Complex to integrate
  2. Need to train users
  3. A crash report is not extensively available

4. Mix Panel

An ace application, Mix Pnel is an analytics tool used by software-based companies to gain insights about their software products and their performance and user engagement metrics. This application tracks the real-time data of consumers to collect insights.

It tracks various consumer actions on the website and application. It fetches the users’ real-time data, such as site visits, sharing posts, social media engagement, etc. 

Compatibility – iOS and Android compatible

Pricing – Free trial available

Pros –  

  1. Easy to use and integrates quickly
  2. This report provides segmented data on user actions. 

Cons – 

  1. The limited date range for viewing
  2. More compatible with the website

5. UX Cam

UX cam is a well-composed mobile app analytics tool that provides a better overview of consumer behavior. It possesses various features that help with data collection. One of the most exciting features of UX Cam is heat map tracking. Through heat map tracking, it is possible to understand which elements of the app are used frequently and which features are rarely looked at. 

The crash tracking of this application is one of the best, with the lowest turnaround time. Crash reports are generated in less than a minute. UX Cam allows one to view the entire user journey for the individual user as well as provides a detailed clustered analysis. 

Compatibility – iOS and Android compatible

Pricing – Free trial available

Pros –  

  1. Quick integration
  2. Customized reports 
  3. Heat tracking added advantage

Cons – 

  1. Limited free resources
  2. It looks complex and requires training 

The above-listed applications are the five most used mobile app analytics tools. As per a Statista report, 93% of people use Firebase to analyze the performance of their application, while only five percent of individuals prefer Flurry, and two percent of people use Amplified. 

Domino’s used the data to change its marketing strategy using Firebase and Google Analytics. That is how they came up with various offers like “1+1” or “@99” pizzas. The marketing allowed Domino’s to earn increased monthly revenue. The study claims that the revenue was raised by six percent. This also contributed to an 80% reduction in spending. 

Similarly, after applying to analyze your requirements and comparing them with the features and costs that applications offer, you can choose the best mobile app analytics tools that suit you. 

Conclusion :

In case you don’t want to do all of it yourself, remember Creole Studios is here to make your life easier. Creole Studios is known for its extended range of services that revolve around web and mobile application development. You can connect with them for some amazing digital solutions that will help you boost your business.

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