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The average estimated cost of developing custom CRM software is $25,000 to $200,000 or more depending on the requirements. This blog explores the factors that can influence the cost of developing Custom CRM Software, such as the scope of the project, technology stack, development team size, and location. It emphasizes the benefits of having custom CRM software along with the importance of choosing the right development partner to ensure the success of the project.


In the global market, CRM Software is forecasted to grow to 49.6 billion USD in 2025. Around 91% of companies globally have some or the other CRM software to manage their customer data. If you have not found any relevant CRM solution that fits your business model, you also have the option to design and build custom CRM software that can map your business process step by step. In case you want to understand more about Custom CRM solutions, you can read our ebook on Custom real estate CRM solutions.

Custom CRM Software comes as the best solution for your Real Estate Industry. It makes you stand out from the crowd in this competitive market. Working with a custom CRM will create a unique identity for your real estate business. Before that, you will be eager to know how much real estate CRM software costs. Let’s have an overview of cost with different factors.

Factors influencing the development cost of Custom CRM Software:

What are the factors that affect software development cost_

Whether it’s custom CRM software or a ready-made CRM solution, certain criteria influence the product’s price or cost. Let’s focus on the most significant ones.

  • App design

Software with a complex design or structure increases the cost more than a normal development rate. There is a real estate eBook that gives a broader perspective on CRM software structure designing that helps in custom CRM software development.

  • Team size

While developing real estate CRM software you require a team of developers, designers, managers, and software testers. Your team size can also affect the cost of development.

  • Platforms

The selection of a development platform may affect your total cost. Such as the development on the Android platform requires a plethora of tests compared to iOS. Hence, it increases the development time and cost as well.

  • Tech stack

In a wide range of technologies, there are some old but effective technologies and some cutting-edge technologies. Selection of advanced technologies can make you pay higher but serve you with the best services.

  • Integrations

If you want to include more than a couple of third-party business apps- that will require additional hours and more money. Integration of apps like PayPal is easy to set up, but others can be more challenging for the development team.

  • Project complexity

A development project has a lot of things, from a working prototype to a highly secured one. As a result, it requires additional efforts, tools, and developers- that will make you pay extra costs. Following some best practices for developing custom real estate CRM software will help you in effective management.

  • Functionality and human resources

The more commands the program needs, the higher the price will be. The amount of work and resources a project requires influences the price of development as well.


How much does it cost to develop a custom CRM Software for the Real Estate Business?

The above factors may not be the only ones affecting the cost, so it would be wise first to list down the factors and features important for the CRM you are building. The average cost to develop a custom CRM software for real estate could be north of $25,000 to $2,00,000. This estimated cost may vary depending on the features and requirements of your company. 

Will it make financial sense to build a custom CRM Software for your business?

When you build a custom CRM, you have complete control over features, adjustments, brand customization, upgrades & most importantly customer data. Everything related to construction, acquisition, maintenance, and software upgrades will fall under your supervision. You can also not opt for features that are not useful for your business. Hence, getting a custom CRM for your real estate business is usually a good option.

It is always a better option to implement custom CRM software because it helps the company to make the necessary changes through automation. This automated system allows for the implementation of effective operating procedures, giving the company more authority and a competitive advantage in the sector.

It can be considered as a one-time investment but in the long run, it’s a more sustainable and inclusive solution for your business.



Whether it’s about operational activities or managerial hassles, developing customized CRM software will have all your desired features and tools that will run your business operations smoothly and quickly.

The development project cost varies as per your business requirements and the relatable functions. As we have discussed in this article, different factors can influence the time and cost of your development. You can estimate the overall cost of your project with the real estate software development cost calculator.

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