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CRM is software to manage your customer relationship or interactions with clients. If you’re looking for software like this and want to introduce it in your business for high revenue scaling and provide first-class customer service, you will find two options from which you have to choose the most suitable. The first is custom CRM, which gives you all the freedom of creation or development. Another is a ready-made solution that is effortlessly available in the market and ready to use. 

There is always a conflict between Custom CRM software vs. ready-made solutions. But which one is best to use? Let’s discover this in the blog and make the right decision!


Many industries have proven that the use of CRM increased their sales revenue in business. Do you know how much it increases? In Nucleus research, it has been found that every dollar spent on CRM implementation can yield up to $8.71 in return. As you can see the implementation of this system is beneficial for you, but in the research of CRM software, you have found that there are two ways of building this software and you are confused between the two.

Both of them are best to use, but what is important for you is to determine that the selected option is compatible with your needs. Here, we will discuss both of them in detail and find the best solution.

Custom CRM Software OR Ready-made CRM Solution: Which One Is Best?

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Customer loyalty is one of a company’s most valuable assets. Customer relationship management is becoming more popular among businesses that want to maintain healthy business relationships with their customers. However, as the clientele and organization have grown in size, customer retention has become harder and harder.

Using CRM software, you can automate this tedious process. Numerous effective ready-made CRM solutions are available that centrally store customer information and enable anytime access for different teams and departments.

However, a ready-made CRM might not have all the features that your company needs, or it might have a lot of extra features that you don’t want to use. The truth is that you are spending money on unnecessary things.

In this scenario, it’s always the best idea to develop your own CRM system that’s designed with your business workflow and requirements. Whether it’s about basic information or development resources, in a real estate eBook you can discover the answer to all the questions raised in your mind.

With a software development cost calculator, you can have a rough estimate of your project development budget. Moreover, in confusion between custom CRM and ready-made CRM, people often get some wrong beliefs about CRM development. You need to find out those myths and limitations before you make any decision.


Myths of a Custom CRM System:

Some myths about having a custom CRM system can influence your thinking. As a result, it is preferable to clear up such misconceptions and gain a clear understanding of the software. Let’s see myths and their reality.

  • Development costs are high

Reality: A development cost varies with several factors which you need to look out for. Custom CRM software development with basic features is available at an affordable rate.

  • Coding is difficult

Reality: Coding is always full of challenges. Your development platform decides the level of difficulty for a programmer.

  • Requires a lot of time for custom CRM development

Reality: Building software with minimal features takes less time, but if you have a complex structure and more features, then it will take time.

  • Challenging to find the right developers

Reality: There are a lot of developers available, what you have to do is to have proper research and hire a dedicated developers team.

  • Limited support and maintenance

Reality:  Many software development companies offer support and maintenance services with the best resources for your custom CRM development.

Limitations of ready-made CRM solutions:

  • You will still need to obtain licenses for any new CRM user.
  • You still don’t have complete flexibility because the CRM system you choose limits your capabilities and connectors.
  • Product value decreases.
  • Limited Possibility of a long-term relationship.
  • It’s not catered to your business needs and model.
  • It could have features you don’t need and your staff is probably not using the vast majority of the features offered by CRMs regularly, if not always.
  • All additional features are charged separately. Moreover, any additional features other than the “basic” CRM package, will be reimbursed in addition to your subscription.
  • There are a few customization options but less versatile and can’t be adjusted and tuned as you like to have in a custom CRM which is completely adjustable.
  • There will be a need to adjust your team’s process as per the CRM process and it cannot be vice-versa.
  • Data storage is not on your server, your critical data is held by a 3rd party. If you let go of the license fee, the data goes with it.
  • Your server will not be able to store the important details, your data storage will be held by a third party.
  • All the customer-related information is managed by the CRM and it is only available until you pay for the recurring charges.

After discovering all the myths of custom CRM and the limitations of the ready-made CRM solution, it is recommended to follow the best practices of CRM software that will guide you in effective strategy making.



Let’s wrap it up. Comparing readymade solutions vs. custom CRM software and coming up with the final conclusion is not easy. You can try the ready-made solution and get accustomed to the CRM tool. But for the long term for an SME or Large scale organization, our recommendation is to go for a custom CRM software that will enable you to have total control over the system features and data.

Contact us and we will become your helping hand with tailor-made solutions and are glad to work with you. Always keep in mind that the software you want to build or use should follow your business process and not vice-versa.

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