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What is Real Estate CRM software?

Real estate CRM enables property managers, brokers, on-site agents, etc to collate customer/client and property relational data in one single database with real-time updates. It enables the system owner to automate & centrally access all business data including leads, sales activities, documentation, follow-up emails, transaction details, upcoming tasks & reminders about clients & deals. These automated activities help increase the overall productivity of the team.

That being said, not all the features mentioned above may be required by a business and certain business requirements are too complex to be catered to by standard ready-made CRM software. Hence customization or custom development of CRM software could be the only solution for these businesses. 

We have tried to share our viewpoint on Custom CRM Software vs Ready Made CRM Solution in our other blog, you may want to read it.


Why is a Custom Real Estate CRM Solution necessary?

A wide range of firms and companies in the real estate business have different & complex business operations. There is no universal CRM system that can meet the needs of various businesses and work flawlessly for everyone. Here, custom CRM software development comes into action as the best solution for your business. Let’s consider some key points to know the importance of real estate custom CRM software.

  • You can add new features and capabilities when your operations or business grows.
  • Custom-designed solutions to address your company’s requirements, objectives, and security issues.
  • Easily adaptable for your team when it considers your company procedures.
  • Quickly implements the changes.
  • Free from any additional or licensing costs.

You can learn more in a custom real estate CRM eBook which is designed for realtors and agents. Whether you are a startup company or a business expert you can have a clear understanding from all the business perspectives.

Benefits of Using Custom CRM Software in Real Estate:

Benefits of using real estate custom CRM software

Using a custom CRM in real estate is a strategic decision for companies but its benefits are pretty visible for medium-scale to large organizations. Here are the beneficial points of custom CRM.

1. Tailored to your specific needs

Different real estate agencies have different sets of services. Hence, ready-made CRM solutions will often make you pay for the features you don’t need. Custom CRM software is tailored to your business needs and workflows and has zero overhead costs for new feature additions. Moreover, a software development cost calculator can help you estimate your project budget.

2. Custom workflow automation

Packaged solutions are only capable of working with the common needs of different businesses. This is where custom CRM solutions enable you to automate the workflow of your business, such as sales, marketing, notifications, customer support, analytics report, and much more.

3. Better management opportunities

A real estate CRM has great potential to make your business achieve the desired targets. From progress tracking to scheduling calls and appointments, it gets synchronized with emails and calendars as well. It becomes easier to discuss meeting times and share arrangements details with leads.

4. Convenient storage of client information

This custom CRM software is very helpful in sorting and keeping customer data for real estate agencies. An employee of your company can use this information, meanwhile updating the database and adding new data to the program. Record the entire history of all the activities and you will be able to offer excellent customer service to your clients.

5. Better lead attraction and customer retention

In an analytical survey, it has been observed that custom CRM software has a strong impact on the growth of businesses and their results. It is providing customer-specific filters and features for real estate businesses. There are special modules for lead management, updated follow-up activities, easy to find documents and details. As a result, it will be easy to create relevant strategies, and following some best practices of real estate custom CRM Software will help you to generate leads more effectively.



Rich functionality, perfect usability, robust performance, enhanced scalability, top security, and broad integration are some of the reasons why custom CRM software is important for your real estate business. Whether you are a real estate broker or a property manager using CRM software in your business will be helpful for you. It will let you perform effective management and real-time communication with customers.

To make the process easier for you, Creole Studios as a software development company is offering tailor-made Real Estate CRM software solutions that are compatible with all devices.

Get in touch with us to hire experienced developers and share your project requirements to start developing your CRM software.

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