We are builders! We build original softwares,
apps & digital products that are simple, yet profound.

We are a creative digital studio.
We design and develop apps & systems for web, mobile & cloud platforms.

We love to create! Our work is who we are.
Our studio is where we spew out our best works.

We are passionate, persistent, and always in pursuit of perfection.
Aah, seems we’re a bit poetic too!

Be it a startup, or a small-business, or an enterprise,
we’ve found ourselves useful to all of them.

We’re highly agile, modern, and very adaptive in our approach.
And dynamic too! Our SEO guy asked us to say that!


Creole Studios is a young web and mobile application development company. With registered offices in India, Kuwait & Hong Kong, our business alliances are operational in the different parts of United States, United Kingdom, Australia and other asian countires as well. We build mobile apps in iOS & Android platforms, and web apps & cloud apps in a variety of modern web technologies. For our global clients, we are a one-stop shop for all things related to creating modern-day software products. Right from conceptualizing the idea of the project to its deployment, servicing & upgrading - everything is taken care of at our studio. This leaves you with a lot of time to plan the execution strategy, lay out the groundwork for business development and set up the marketing campaigns.

We work hard and break our backs to create products that we believe in, products that help people, products that outlive us. As a team, we are a very quirky & diverse bunch of folks. We belong to different disciplines of education and work and we have a set of heroes like Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali, Marie Curie, Ayrton Senna, Saul Bass, Andy Warhol, that we look up to. But what unites us all as a team is our unwavering set of principles that allow us to create everything with a deep sense of conviction. Thus, growing this team and flourishing the studio has been a labour of love. As the team size increased, we wanted the same original vibe to be carried forward in the team and so far everything is going pretty much as planned on that paper napkin in Starbucks cafe (oh yes, we too have that clichéd startup story).



Dip Dhingani

CEO, Creole Studios

Prior to Creole Studios, all our founding members had well paid jobs in big or small software companies in different departments. We quit our jobs and came together for one common cause - to build a company that actually accounts for something; to create products that actually makes a difference for our clients and for the people who use them.

In course of our jobs, we encountered a variety of projects and witnessed their ill-treatment. The project managers wouldn't provide honest and apt consulting advice to the clients, the programmers would write sub-standard code in outdated technologies, and the bosses would only care about getting paid. I'm not saying that it was mayhem everywhere; there were projects that got completed and work did get done at times. But our complaint was against the nonchalant attitude of the teams that we worked with.Software creation was generally thought of as a dull job which one did only because the pay was good. The wonderful process of software development became an inescapable drudgery in the absence of enthusiasm. Thus, none of us felt motivated about our work, and whatever we created did absolutely no good to the clients.

I hated that.I firmly believe that software creation is a creative process and no creative process can ever be boring. You listen to the Beatles composing 'Strawberry Fields Forever', or hear the stories of how Van Gogh painted 'The Starry Night' and you get goosebumps. I think we can feel that same emotion even when we build great software. And our definition of a great software is very simple - it should add value to the life of the person who uses it. Now, that value could be as big as helping the scientists in combating deadly diseases, or as small as saving an hour from a desk clerk's work everyday. All the apps and website that we create should add value to the lives of our clients and their customers, that's it.


In our pursuit of building cool apps & softwares, we come across various different types of projects.

Some projects are simple in nature and require us to build a system from scratch, while others are a bit complicated in nature. Some of them might need extra efforts on crafting its design, or some might need to be extra careful with the structure of their database and how the data is handled in it.

We also take up projects in which the clients hand us over a fully-built or a partially built web app or mobile app that isn’t working properly. We take up those nearly dead, comatose systems with its botched up code and attempt to revive it. That’s not it. At times, we’ve also come across projects where in there are multiple teams working on building the same system alongside us. The client is managing all the teams and we’re responsible for building a part of the system, while coordinating with the other teams

These fragmented nature of assignments, while extremely interesting, require a discipline that allows us to achieve the common goal that we and our clients have, which is finishing the project in time without compromising the stability and reliability of the system’s performance.Thus, we need a process model that’s flexible enough to accommodate all these different types of projects that we undertake, and also strong enough to help the teams get through the tough times with the least amount of damage

Our wisdom says that the process of creating a software has a very high degree of entropy.

There are plenty of possibilities suggesting that things could go wrong while building a software. Factors like changing human interests, lack of synchronized communication, absence of proper technical infrastructure, ineligible decision making, etc. could bring the downfall of the project under construction.

Thus, despite having fancy process models, several software companies spend a considerable amount of time and efforts battling the numerous problems that plague their projects

We were dead sure about one thing:

We didn’t want to be the team that spends more time fire-fighting, and less time actually building something.

For that to be a reality, we’ve relied on our process model. It is a time-tested model that has been studied logically and has been refined from time-to-time to suit all the different types of assignments we undertake. It comprises of 8 different stages, each of which accomplishes key objectives and they are sequenced in a way that allows us to have a fluid production for any mobile app or web-based system. It is a true marvel and we’re super proud of it.

Our Clients