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With over 30% of all the websites on the internet being developed in WordPress, it is indubitably the most popular choice for web development. Its ease of use and feature scalability is what attracts users to use WordPress for their websites. We at Creole Studios, being a WordPress development company, have leveraged it for many of our projects; from single page websites to complex e-commerce portals. Along with that, we have proven expertise in WordPress plugins development services, WordPress theme development services, WordPress web design, custom WordPress development among a swathe of other services. As WordPress-specific services are one of our flagship offerings, you can hire dedicated WordPress developers from us to take on complex WordPress projects head-on, with confidence.
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Why choose WordPress for web development

Being one of the most popular platforms out there for web development, there are many functionalities that make WordPress a very good choice to develop your website.

SEO Friendly

WordPress, with its built-in tools to know how SEO friendly your content is, along with having SEO plugins, makes the SEO process a breeze.

Endless Customization Options

You can pick and choose from a vast pre-existing collection of themes that you can leverage for your website's specific use case.

Sea of Plugins

Extending the features in your WordPress website is as easy as installing new plugins, and there are literally thousands of them out there.

Cost Effective

With WordPress leveraging a lot of pre-existing tools such as plugins and themes, the TTM for your website and hence the costs are reduced drastically.

Our wordpress development services

Custom Wordpress

Custom Website Development

Custom building your website with WordPress ensures control to a greater degree, allowing for a swathe of customizations and performance centric development.


Custom theme and Plugin Development

Hire WordPress developers from us and have a custom look and feel for your website with custom WordPress theme development and custom plugin development.


WooCommerce for eCommerce

Having WordPress for developing eCommerce websites is increasingly getting popular and WooCommerce is the biggest enabler for that.


Optimizing Page Load Time

With more than 40% of users abandoning a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, optimizing your page loading speed is critical for success.


Blog Development

Have quick, easily manageable and SEO centric blogs for your WordPress website by our developers.


API Integration & Customization

To have a complete website developed, APIs are more often than not one of the cornerstones for seamless data synchronization.


We are a WordPress website development company with a reputation for building powerful and successful enterprise websites with WordPress that have delivered extremely high ROI for our clients.

100% Client Repeat Rate

We have a bunch of quality dedicated developers and our clients have always hired them more than once for different projects.

Seamless Transition

Let’s admit it, sometimes unforeseen circumstances take the best of us. The developer hired might leave due to personal reasons or might be down at a crucial time for your project. We have instant replacements for such cases and it’ll be like you never lost the developer!

Trustworthy Offshore Developers

We offer developers for offshore development, only after you are completely convinced with the capability of the said developer. If you need developers for onsite development instead of offshore, we can hook you up with that for some additional cost.

Addition of Junior Developers

We always keep your projects first and do everything we can to meet your deadlines. For some cases, we even add a junior developer to the developer hired on contract to increase the efficiency.

3 Days Free Conditional Trial

Concerned about the performance of the selected developer? Have a 3 days trial which will not be billed if you wish to not keep the contract.

Flexible 160 Monthly Hours

We go by the industry standard to have the developers work for a total of 160 hours a month. However, any increase or decrease in that number due to leaves or any other circumstances will be fully covered in the fortnightly invoices raised.

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Our WordPress Projects

Khalsa Aid

Khalsa Aid

Destination Deluxe

Destination Deluxe

One Personal Training

One Personal Training

Questions in your head right now:

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) out there, and it is technically free and open-source. It can be used to build websites quickly with low to no code. Powering over 40% of the websites on the world wide web, it is the most popular website building platform out there.

Content Management System is a software that will enable you to manage content on your website, without necessarily needing any technical knowledge. As almost all the websites out there need storing images, documents and web pages, having an architecture already in place for those rudimentary tasks would effectively make the process of making a website quicker as you will not have to write all the code from scratch for these reusable architectures.

WordPress is a one stop solution for most of your web development needs. As it has a lot of highly customizable functionalities such as themes (which can change the look and feel of your website), plugins which make the development of common websites such as Single Page Applications (SPAs), portfolios, e-commerce websites among many more, a breeze, reducing your Time to Market (TTM).

The biggest feature of WordPress is it’s customizability. It has support for themes which give you a framework for your websites and a predefined look and feel for your website and the only thing you’ll have to do is add your content to the placeholders. You can even purchase themes from a vast theme market and even create your own custom themes.

It is super reliable and SEO friendly as well; and the fact that big brands such as Facebook Newsroom, WaltDisney and Sony Music among others use it, cements this fact.

Plugins offer additional features to extend the core capabilities of your WordPress website. This is the biggest feature of WordPress as it is responsible for offering you limitless customization and scalability for your website. As the name suggests, Plugins essentially ‘plug in’ to your WordPress website to offer additional features. For example, the Review Box plugin enables review sites to be easily integrated into your webpages, the WooCommerce platform gives you a swathe of features to extend your WordPress site to be an e-Commerce website. There are literally thousands if not tens of thousands of plugins to assist you and extend the functionality of your site.

The best part about WordPress is that almost anyone can use it. Small firms, freelancers, and digital store owners that want to expand their reach can hire a specialized WordPress development firm like ours to guide them on WordPress development for optimum results. As it requires low to no code for development, it can be used by people hailing from a non technical background to build quick robust WordPress websites and maintaining it is easy as well with its Admin Panel.

Making any WordPress website depends heavily on the feature set that you want in your website. A very simple static informative website can easily be made, without any bells and whistles, in a couple of days. Whereas developing a complicated e-Commerce website can take months for completion. We at Creole Studios can assist you in streamlining your requirements and come up with an accurate estimate for development of your WordPress website. Contact us to get a quote for your needs