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With over 178k Github stars, 30M+ websites, and 24M+ developers, Node.js is one of the most popular web development frameworks used by developers. Its scalability, maintainability, and fast runtime attracts users to use Node.js for their web applications. We at Creole Studios, use the framework for many of our projects. We have expertise in Third-party service integration in Nodejs, API Development, keeping the latest packages or framework for the NodeJSapp, creating a highly scalable and performant app. With our Node.js development services, we can completely assure you that when you hire node js developers, you will have complete satisfaction with the end result.


Being the most-popular JavaScript runtime environment for developing web applications, Nodejs has some amazing features that make it a favorite among developers.

Superior Data handling

Node.js handles data very effectively and effortlessly and also the data exchange process is very comprehensive.


Node.js has a very good load balancing capability which helps its apps to handle spontaneous user demands very easily.


The caching module of Node.js helps in the fast loading of pages and gives a quick response to the users.

High Performance

Node.js uses Google’s V8 JS engine for interpreting Java code that analyses and runs JavaScript. The V8 engine is independent of the hosting browser.



NodeJS Web and App Development

We at Creole Studios, provide you with a very efficient and high-performing web and app development experience with our team of professional developers.


NodeJS API Development

For complete website development, APIs serve as pillars for smooth synchronization of the data.


NodeJS Plugin Development

With the help of Plugins importing files becomes easy and helps in building scalable architecture by extending the functionality of the application.


NodeJS Migration

Our Node.js development team will provide you with seamless migration of the existing database to improve security, performance and reduce cost.


Node JS Real-time App development

The two main features of real-time chat apps are their push notifications and the implementation of server-side events. Our developers will help you to provide seamless and amazing real-time chat apps.


NodeJS Consulting services

We are very dedicated to your projects and deliver on time. If you have any project you can hire our node.js developers for a seamless work experience.


We Creole Studios, being a reputed Node.js development company, help you build scalable and powerful projects and deploy them successfully with satisfactory results.

Customer satisfaction

With our highly dedicated developers providing on-time delivery and seamless transition, our customer satisfaction rate is quite high. Our clients re-hire developers for their different projects.

Build your team

We at Creole Studios, help our clients to build their customized dedicated team for their projects.

Customer-Centric Engagement Model

We always follow a customer-first policy. Our working environment is always customer-centric and we try our best to resolve all your queries and provide you with effective solutions.

Qualified IT specialist

Our team of developers is highly qualified and professional in their work. Our IT specialist very skillfully provides you with satisfactory consultations for your project.


Our NodeJSdevelopers help in building a secure and highly authenticated web application that helps in preventing data leaks, XSS attacks, and avoiding secrets in the config files.

Competitive pricing

Due to the cost-effectiveness of Node.js, we provide very reasonable pricing for the projects as per the customer’s requirements.

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Questions in your head right now:

Node.js is an open-source backend JavaScript server environment that brings event-driven programming to the web servers that helps developers in building scalable and fast networking applications.

The most unique feature of Node.js is that it is single-threaded i.e. with the help of callbacks and event lockup, I/O operations are carried out by it. It also helps cross-functional teams to work together and provide innovative solutions for the enterprise apps. When you hire node js developers, they can work effortlessly on both the front-end and back-end.

Some of the top companies using node js are: LinkedIn, PayPal, Netflix, Uber, NASA, eBay, and Medium.

One can use node js for backend development as it is very fast, scalable, reliable, and has a very strong ecosystem. Node.js provides huge advantages to a variety of applications.

Some of the types of applications that are built using Node.js are:

  • Real-time Chat Apps
  • IoT
  • Streaming Apps
  • SPAs
  • Remote Collaboration Apps
  • Ridesharing Apps
  • Online Payment Services
  • Social Media Apps

Node.js web application development largely depends on the features and specifications that you desire for your website. Developing web applications requires a lot of time, maybe months, and we at Creole Studios, help you in sorting out your requirements and provide you with an estimation for your web or app development timeline. Contact us to get a quote for your project.


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