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Middleware for Suprema & Gallagher

Leading global provider of biometrics, time and attendance, and access control systems.

Middleware for Suprema & Gallagher UK
July (2022) 4 months
$20,000 to $25,000

Customer Introduction

Suprema is a leading global provider of biometrics, time and attendance, and access control systems. Over the years, Suprema has delivered improvements to the security market by fusing famous biometric algorithms with excellent engineering.

Addressing the Problem

Being a hardware provider, Suprema wanted to partner with Gallagher, a global leader offering comprehensive security and business risk management solutions. But since there was no direct integration between Suprema and Gallagher, both providers were finding it difficult to collaborate. Without any sort of integration or middleware, Gallagher system admin had to work on two different systems to manage the user database. This was a bottleneck and hence Gallagher was not able to use Suprema hardware seamlessly with their platform. Without any integration or middleware, every time a new user was to be enrolled, the Gallagher Admin had to register/create the user in both Gallagher Command Centre as well as Suprema’s Biostar 2.

The Creole Process

Suprema UK division approached Creole Studios to build a middleware solution that could enable easy management of their devices inside the Gallagher Command Center itself. Because this was a hardware extensive project, Creole Studios team had to prepare a prerequisite checklist, spend time on requirement understanding, reading the API documentation and getting accustomed to the hardware devices and the software systems with which the middleware had to integrate.

Based on the analysis and research, Creole Studios team created a workflow after compiling all of this information. The workflow was presented to all the stakeholders along with the wireframes & UI designs.

Only once the workflow & UI designs were approved by the client, Creole Studios team started to translate it into a functional middleware using cutting-edge technologies like Node.js, Next.js, PostgreSQL.

The Suprema team & Gallagher team were supportive to give time and hardware as and when required by Creole Studios team.

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The Creole Solution and Key features

The professional developers of Creole Studios oversaw the project and acted on it according to requirements. Creole Studios developed the following features for the middleware as per Suprema’s requirements:

Activating Middleware with the Gallagher Key

When the user completes the Gallagher Command Centre setup, a one time unique key will be generated. Once the user enters the unique key here, the middleware will be activated.


After activating the middleware, the Gallagher System Admin will enter a one-time login credential and log into the Middleware.

User Search

Developed a Search module in the middleware. Once a new user is created in the Gallagher Command Centre, the system admin can fetch the user data from the Gallagher system and this data will be displayed in the middleware. A cron job runs every 5 seconds and the user data in both the database synchronizes. Admin can search users based on their name or the ID allocated to the user.  The Screen also has a sync button that synchronizes the data of the user in the Gallagher Command Centre as well as Suprema’s Biostar2 and the synchronized data will be displayed on the screen of the middleware.


When a new user is created in the Command Centre a new card is alloted. Biometric of the user can not be generated if the card is not assigned.


By default the index finger of the right hand is selected. The user can change the finger and enroll up to 10 entries with different qualities ranging from 20 to 100. The admin can add or reset fingerprints from here.

Visual Face

The user can add up to 2 faces. We can enter the face of the user with 2 approaches. 
    • By scanning user’s face with the connected Suprema Device.
    • Uploading a passport size photo of the user from the local storage

Device Settings

This section involves the Suprema device settings, and management. All the devices connected with the Gallagher Command Centre will be listed here. Below are the important Suprema device management features that we included in our middleware based on the needs of Gallagher: 
  • Intelligent Slave
  • Card Type
  • Administrator
  • Trigger and Action
  • Weigand

Technology Stack and architecture

  • NodeJS
  • NextJS
  • PostgreSQL

Creole Studios used NodeJS, NextJS and PostgreSQL for developing this project.

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