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Raiser Resource Group

An internal workflow management system for the organization to run the programs for their clients in a systematic way.

Raiser Resource Group Kenya
June 2017 (15 months)
$20,000 - $30,000

Business Info

Raiser Resource Group offers executive training programs to the employees of various local & multinational organisations in 13 African countries like Leadership and Management, Productivity, Trust & Employee engagement, Sales performance, Education, Customer loyalty, etc. The core objective of Raiser Resource Group is to equip leaders with the mindset, skill set and tool sets that they need to strongly complement their technical expertise making them all effective leaders. They have many years of experience in providing training services to a remarkably diverse client base. They offer tailor-made solutions to the organization’s strategic priorities.They work to help individuals and organizations achieve sustainable results that require a change in human behavior.

Business Problem

Before we developed this system the team used to execute their various training programs just with the help of excel sheets and papers. They contacted their clients, participants and facilitators via multiple calls and emails checking their availability and taking their preferences and counts. It was difficult for them to manage all the details, keep track of the new developments and keep the whole team in loop at the same time. Their team was conducting these programs with 40-50 participants at a time and sometimes even more, by just maintaining various excel sheets comprising of participant data. They had to maintain each and every minute detail of every program they conduct in those excel sheets. It was tedious and time-consuming. They even had to use a lot of papers in this process for gathering post session feedback from the participants and the facilitators which lead to increasing the overall cost of each program. To minimize their efforts and cost we suggested them to build a system which would help them to carry out all the end-to-end processes for conducting the programs efficiently and smoothly.

Project Features

There are two panels that we have built for them to use as the major stakeholders which will be interacting with these panels were the internal team of RRG and the Delivery Consultants which facilitates sessions for different programs. For the internal team the panel has a lot of features and provides flexibility which help them to carry out all the operations they need to smoothly. They can manage all their client details from this panel. For all the programs they carry out, they can manage them right from the point where the program is still in its initial stage and talks around the requirements of their client is going on. They can log every minute detail from their meetings with the client like call memos, to-do lists, any special request made by the client, etc. Once the program is confirmed they can move further with the preparations and chalk out the Order of Play for the program. While deciding the OOP they can ask for the count of participants from the client, inform all the participants about the program details, inform the DCs about their sessions and take their confirmation, assign the tasks to the internal team members and maintain a list of inventory needed to conduct that program. The internal team can even have the detailed statistics depicted via various graphs of the programs completed, DCs performance based participant’s feedback within the panel which helps them to evaluate their efficiency.

In the Delivery Consultant’s panel the DCs can maintain their calendar and can check for any new upcoming session that they are going to facilitate. They can even see the statistical reports of their performance and the sessions that they have facilitated. They can even mark their availability for any session from this panel. Upon completion of each month they can generate a detailed invoice with the list of all the sessions facilitated by them and send it to the Raiser’s internal team.

Case study

This is a detailed case study of one of our projects that we worked on for a Kenyan company called Raiser Resource Group. The video goes through the business model of Raiser and the operational challenges and process issues that they were experiencing prior to working with us. Hear our CEO explain how we resolved their challenges by developing a workflow management system for them to use. Get a detailed walkthrough of the web-based system the we created and know about what it took to make it live for Raiser's team to begin using it.

Technologies Used

  • React JS
  • Laravel
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular JS

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