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One Personal Training

An internal platform for gym trainers and clients to track the progress.

One Personal Training Hong Kong
January 2019 (4 Months)
$5,000 - $10,000

Business Info

OPT is a Singapore and Hong Kong based fitness & training center. Unlike other gyms and training centers, OPT assists their clients to maintain their fitness, keeps a track record of their body weight, body fat and waist size on a monthly basis. OPT aims to help their clients achieve their dream of a perfect physique. OPT provides training programs and diet plans specially curated for each client to help them achieve the best shape possible. They provide goal focused and motivated trainers for their clients who make constant efforts to change their lifestyle. OPT has their own blogs section where they publish articles and inspiring stories for their users.

Business Problem

Before the website was launched, they used to maintain the records of the clients offline. It was difficult to track the client’s progress. The trainers could not maintain a proper diet and training plan for every client individually. It was difficult for clients to track their fitness and body transformation from the joining day. Hence, OPT decided to take the fitness and training center online. The OPT team was looking for a portal which could help them manage the plans and maintain the track records for their clients individually. Our work here was to build a portal which has distinct features for both the users: the client and the trainer. The features of the trainer mainly included maintenance of the diet and training plan for all the assigned clients. They wanted their clients to login and just view their diet and training plans assigned by their trainer and their progress.

Project Features

The project contains two modules: (a) front-end website and (b) back-end WordPress based admin panel. The front-end of the website was distinctly designed for the clients and for the trainers. The client’s module was made focusing on the requirements and plans for maintaining their physique. The trainer’s module was made focusing the requirement of managing the diet and training plans for their individual client. OPT keeps a track record of client’s body weight, body fat and waist size on a monthly basis with the help of statistics and graphs. This helps the clients and their trainers to plan the next routine. OTP maintains personalized diet plan and training plan for their clients. From a user perspective, keeping a track of fitness with the progress pictures is a great idea. OPT maintains the track record of client’s body transformation right from the joining day. The trainers at OPT have to individually maintain and update the diet plan and training plan for the client. The trainers can also view individual client’s body transformation right from their joining day.

The back-end admin panel was the default WordPress admin panel. The admin can manage the diet plans and training plans from this panel. The admin can assign the trainers and can maintain the new user logins. For new users, the password is sent to their email address, later the user can change it.

Technologies Used

  • Wordpress
  • MySQL
  • bootstrap

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