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Security is a crucial factor of any website and it must be looked at to protect the website from hackers. Know why WordPress security is essential. Wondering how hackers can attack your WordPress? Here are the ways to secure your WordPress website from hackers.

Studies show that almost one out of every six WordPress-powered sites is vulnerable to attack. Therefore, if you own a WordPress site, you must prioritize the security of the WordPress website. Since WordPress is an open-source platform, chances are high that it suffers from various vulnerabilities. Luckily, keeping a website secure is easy when you follow the right steps.

If your site is vulnerable to security, you must adopt custom WordPress development to update the technology and fix the vulnerabilities with the latest security. 

Here, we will get into the details of the most important and dangerous security vulnerabilities that come with using WordPress. Then, we will discuss all the steps you need to make the WordPress website safe, and secure your website.

Why is WordPress security important?

Hacking has become a common problem nowadays as globally 30,000 websites are hacked daily. However, a hacked website can cause serious damage to your business’s reputation and revenue. Therefore, you need to secure your website from hackers gaining access to your site. 

Hackers are used to hacking websites to acquire sensitive information, and passwords, install malicious software and distribute malware to your users. Even worse, they ask you to pay some amount of money to regain access to your website.


Your customers expect it

First, you will have visitors to your website, and later they will become customers if they find your site a safe land. As your business grows, those customers will expect solutions from you regarding their problems and want you to address them.

As a business owner, you need to keep your customers’ security in mind because if you can’t provide it, you will undermine your customers’ trust in you. So, your customers need a promise that you will not overlook their concerns about keeping information safe, whether it be contact information, payment information, or a basic response to a survey.

Google prefers secure websites

Keeping your WordPress site secure means placing your rank in those top 10 lists as Google likes such websites. Users are interested in visiting safe websites.

Security often affects visibility from a search on Google and has for a while. Therefore, having a safe website is essential to boost your search rank and let users ensure that they land in a safe place. Securing your online presence should be a key consideration and every website needs to ensure the safety of its visitors and users.

How safe is WordPress?

If you look at the number of WordPress users, you will get an idea of how popular the platform is. When it comes to security, it is one of the secure platforms to run websites as long as you follow best practices for security.

WordPress is secure but there is a lot that can be done to keep the website security strong and safe from hacks. Hackers often attempt to attack websites with less security and vulnerabilities in WordPress.

However, there is no CMS that ensures you 100% security as every CMS has its security issues. Having a vast community of WordPress, many issues that still exist on other CMS have been solved on WordPress a long ago.

  • The WordPress core team is highly skilled and has the best developers in the world. 
  • WordPress updates frequently and remains functional, efficient, and safe. 
  • Any complex problem can be easily solved by WordPress developers 
  • Have the best security practices to protect your site from malicious actors. 
  • WordPress invests a lot in security and ensures the safety of its platform

How can WordPress be attacked?

Generally, the most common issues occur before and after your site has been compromised. The hack aims to gain unauthorized access to your site on an admin level, either from the front end or on the server side.

WordPress is used by millions of people today, and the platform is built to protect its users, sensitive data, and privacy. However, it uses a lot of plugins that enhance the website functionalities, and these plugins as themes and extensions are created by third parties. 

Security of plugins and themes

If you talk about all CMS, no CMS is bulletproof and can be 100% foolproof. In the same way, every theme and plugin has its security issues. However, vulnerabilities with plugins and themes can be a security concern and cause hacks within WordPress websites. 

Therefore, adding plugins means you need to take some extra measures to keep your website secure. So, it is important to maintain plugin and theme security for your website.

Security of users

It’s only admins and website owners who should care about website security but also those active users. If you want your website to be secure, you need to ensure that the website has two-factor authentication to prevent users from being attacked.

The thing that every business should keep in mind irrespective of their business size or relevancy, chances are that you can be the next target for hackers.

Outdated plugins and themes

WordPress themes and plugins are developed with code, and there could be a mistake in this code. This mistake in code can cause lapses in security, which are called vulnerabilities. Ideally, this is the right time, plugins and themes should have been updated. And hackers know and wait for this to attack websites and exploit the vulnerability. 

Malware on site

Malware is a catch used to define any code that allows unauthorized access to your website. Addressing WordPress security means keeping out malware as no system is 100% bulletproof. So, malware is another security issue you may consider for your website. 


How to secure your WordPress site from Hackers?

There are many ways you can strengthen your web protection. But these practices will help you secure your site and keep hackers at bay. 

Keep updated website

Keeping your WordPress site updated with WordPress development services is not only an option but a necessity. It is one of the most basic and essential steps. You need to make sure that your website is up to date with the latest version of WordPress, especially plugins or themes. To secure your site from these attacks, updating your plugin, extensions, and WordPress versions is strongly recommended.

Use strong password

It is better to use a strong password, mixing lowercase and capital letters and special characters for all your accounts. Never use simple passwords and do not use passwords as generic names since hackers can easily access this information.

Limit logins

The WordPress login page is targeted the most for attacks as it’s sensitive. So, the best way to protect against such attacks is by limiting the number of login attempts and blocking IP addresses. Most of the WordPress security plugins offer this feature, and if you are using the same, limit logins as per your requirements.


Final Thoughts

To secure your WordPress website, follow these WordPress security best practices and enhance the credibility and growth of your business. At Creole Studios, we can help you build your website from scratch with the help of dedicated WordPress developers

If you think your website might be attacked or you’d like to know more about how we can secure your website, contact us today.

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