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Online presence in today’s digital business landscape is important to ensure powerful visibility. For that, you need the help of either a WordPress website design agency or a freelance WordPress developer. Find out the difference between a WordPress website design agency and a freelance WordPress developer.

Let’s find out why you should hire a WordPress website design agency.

Having an online presence in the market is extremely important today. No matter what industry you are in and what scale of your business, the requirement for a website cannot be overemphasized. While this is true, the question is who can build a website better that stands out in the market, a WordPress website design agency or a Freelance WordPress developer? 

It would be wrong to overwhelm any one side without any corroboration. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of designing the WordPress website through an agency v/s a freelance WordPress developer. Also, we will discuss which is better and why.

What’s the Difference Between a WordPress website design agency and a Freelance WordPress developer?

One of the many things to choose when getting started with developing a website is whether you choose a web design agency or a freelancer. Many people turn to freelance web developers as a cheaper option for getting their idea off the ground. However, your business may require more out of your website than most freelancers can provide. Your WordPress website design agency can bang up a job with custom WordPress development to design an easy-to-manage website. 

Various factors that set apart the WordPress website agency from a freelancer are access to varied skill sets, standards operating procedures, and work proficiency. A Freelancer is a person who has no fixed employment and usually works based on specific requirements. However, a web design agency would be a registered company, usually with offices located around the globe. 

With the help of a web design agency, you will get access to a skilled team, advanced knowledge, and a professional job depending on the agency you choose. A Web design agency has a proven track record of previous works and brands that define its work methodology and results. 

Ultimately, Both serve as solution partners and exist to solve the same thing – WordPress development


WordPress Website Design Agency

As the name suggests, A WordPress agency is a team of skilled people providing specialized WordPress development services. WordPress is a broad topic and consists of numerous expertise and offerings. Hence, each agency can offer different offerings based on their skill sets.

New firms used to choose pre-built designs and themes as it’s easier to do, and there’s no need for experienced developers. However, giant businesses want to develop a customized and well-designed website that grabs customers’ attention. 

Hiring a WordPress development company is beneficial for clients. What if it costs you some money but is worth it in the long run? 

QA and testing team will ensure that website is tested to discover mistakes or oversights that may not have been noted during web development before going live. Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about anything as an in-house team of dedicated professionals will solve the software bugs. 

Pros of WordPress Design Agency

  • Standard work methodology until project completion

An agency like Creole Studios follows standard methodologies such as scrum, agile, and waterfall to ensure top-class results.

  • Active support & maintenance

Hiring a WordPress development agency will provide active support that powers digital growth. 

  • On-time delivery and quality work

On-time delivery has always been an issue, and hiring an agency would solve your problem by delivering work on time with supreme quality. 

  • Wide range of experience and expertise

A professional team can execute more quickly, make better decisions, and solve complex problems with the right expertise and skills.

Cons of WordPress Design Agency

  • Agencies can be an expensive option

Since agencies focus on using premium tools, technologies, and teams, it can be a costly option to consider for your WordPress development. 

  • Limited to set of services

Usually, agencies work in an area of interest and offer limited services. So, sometimes you find it challenging to put all your eggs in one basket.

  • Hidden costs

You have to pay for what you don’t want and that’s called hidden costs that are usually associated with agencies.

Freelancer WordPress Developer

Freelancers can be flexible with your timeline especially when you have urgency as they respond quickly. You have plenty of choices in choosing freelancers that will help you save time and money choosing one over the other. 

This is the biggest reason you might have to let them know what you need in terms of work and ensure that you both are on the same page. Moreover, freelancers can also provide you with instant support whenever you need it.


Pros of Freelancer WordPress developer

  • Delivery on demand

If you are ready to pay extra, your work will be considered in the prior list and delivered on your demand. 

  • Charge for what you need

Charge only for the work you need and save yourself from the hidden costs. 

  • Flexible

Freelancers are very flexible when it comes to availability as they can work based on your preferences. 

  • Range of options to choose

You have plenty of options in choosing freelancers whether you require a low-budget or an expensive freelancer.

Cons of Freelance WordPress developer

  • Pay hour charges may empty your pocket

Freelancers ask for hourly charges that may empty your pocket.

  • Work delay due to lack of resources

Freelancers work individually, and they usually lack resources that impact negatively work delivery.

  • Pay more attention to money

Freelancers work for the sack of money most of the time which can force you to think about whether it’s worth a penny or not.

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Website Design Agency and Freelance WordPress Developer.

How do I know if I need a WordPress website design agency or a freelance WordPress developer for my project?

Firstly, decide the requirements of people to work on your WordPress project. If you need a larger team, you should hire a WordPress design agency like Creole Studios. And hire freelancers for compact requirements.

If I decide to work with a WordPress website design agency, how do I find the right one for me?

Great if you have decided to work with a WordPress website design agency. Now, all you need to keep in mind is that agencies have a dedicated development team with the right skills and provide support through various methodologies such as Scrum, Agile, and Waterfall.

If I decide to work with a freelance WordPress developer, how do I find the right one for me?

If you want to hire a WordPress developer, you have to explore different sources and take interviews to select the best one that suits your requirements. 

If I go with the freelance WordPress developer route, how do I make sure I get quality work?

You have to ask certain questions to your freelance WordPress developer before onboarding. Ask about work structure, tools & technologies, and time to ensure quality work.

How much will it cost to hire a WordPress website design agency or freelance WordPress developer?

If you hire a WordPress website design agency like Creole Studios, we will initially provide you with a project discussion. After that, when you finalize the work requirements with our project manager, you will get an idea about the cost. Hence, We aren’t promoting hidden assumptions.


Conclusion – The Best Option

It’s not easy as pie to pick one and make the final choice. Considering your project goals, you should choose a freelance WordPress developer and WordPress website design agency that suits your requirements and helps you build a better website. Usually, Agencies have more experience building websites that stand out in the market and drive value. Hire WordPress design agencies like Creole Studios to develop your customized website and establish a strong digital presence.

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