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Unlock the power of resource augmentation with Creole Studios. Learn how it can save costs, provide skilled talent, and accelerate project timelines. Get the expertise you need, when you need it.

Today, you would see numerous businesses are shifting toward a modern approach in a quick-witted way by hiring the right talents dedicated to their needs. Yet, a report by IBM illustrates that 45% of organizations do not find the right expertise based on their requirements; hence, resource and staff augmentation has opened the door to a new way of hiring and getting projects finished. It also enables upscaling and downscaling teams and saves on costs without sacrificing quality while saving time.

What is resource augmentation? 

Resource augmentation is nothing but an extended team or an outsourcing strategy where a partner works with you as a third party on a contractual basis for a particular project. Resource augmentation is an adaptive, money-savvy, and smart outsourcing strategy. Moreover, it provides the adroit resources at your disposal for a quick start with startups to enterprise-level companies and fulfilling project objectives.

How can you utilize resource augmentation? 

  • An unpredictable business environment with increased demand may call for additional resources.
  • Temporary staffing of specialized skill sets as a part of your internal team. 
  • Need temporary resources until your permanent team is hired.
  • Develop a team using flexible resources to gain skills and make the best of it.
  • Lack of skilled individuals from the local community.

Is resource augmentation good for you? 

Resource augmentation can be beneficial to your regular project requirements as well as specific needs. In highly competitive industries like IT with massive demand for resources, resource augmentation services can help deliver projects timely with adroit talent. 

The recent report on staff augmentation services indicates that the market will register increased spending of about $81.87 billion, at a CAGR of 3.53% during the five-year forecast period. The reasons behind this growth are: 

  • Easy to share requirements and provide efficient results with a skilled team that can communicate in the language.
  • Ease of hiring resources instantly with specific requirements and demands. 
  • Timely project delivery and milestone completion owing to timely delivery.

Misconceptions about resource augmentation 

Numerous misconceptions about resource augmentation are prevalent in the industry today Therefore, it is essential to unlock the myths and get reality out. Let’s check what’s myth and what’s reality! 

Myth 1: – Resource augmentation is costly.

Reality: – It is far from the truth as it could be the more practical alternative to hire a resource or reduce development costs.

Myth 2: – Gradually,  you lose control over the project. 

Reality: – Yes, you can lose control over the project due to a lack of good project management. This is true even if you do not opt for resource augmentation services. You can ensure complete control over the project either through an in-house project manager or by hiring a project manager.

Myth 3: – Team and culture fit is difficult.

Reality: – Resource augmentation is the preferred alternative to create the team and culture you want for your project. The ease of getting a team and culture fit lies at the heart of resource augmentation services. 

Myth 4: – Resources require training. 

Reality: – It is another myth that’s far from reality. However, the truth is that resources are pre-vetted and experienced. They can also handle any query and software solution. 

Myth 5: – Onboarding resources takes time. 

Reality: – No! Getting resources is faster than any hiring model. You can onboard resources within 4-5 days based on the development team you choose.

Why do businesses prefer resource augmentation?

Firstly, the cost of development is the reason businesses prefer resource augmentation services. Since hiring an in-house team can break your bank, business owners are looking for resources. As a result, hiring resources become a white night as it saves up to 40% on development costs.

Onboarding can last from a few months to a year. However, you might need developers at a specific time. For this reason, businesses prefer hiring resources as resources are easy to onboard especially if you have pre-vetted resources. 

Top-line growth is another reason businesses prefer resource augmentation. The benefit of hiring resources will help in multiple ways like getting skilled developers, on-time delivery, ease of communication, and hiring an extended internal team. As a result, you will have the perfect resources for your needs that ultimately enhance your top-line growth.

How to know when you need resource augmentation?

If you still don’t know when you need resources for your project, the following section will align with your question. 

You are looking for cost-effective services

You might think that hiring an extended team to join your internal team may break your pocket. But that’s not the case with resource augmentation services. However, hiring dedicated resources will save your time on development which ultimately saves your cost. Moreover, resource augmentation will provide you with specific costs based on your project objectives. 

You want to extend your existing quickly

If you are looking to grow quickly, you may need extra resources to join your team and work on your project. Therefore, resource augmentation is the best option here as it will help you hire dedicated resources with the right skills and proficiency. As a result, you can save time on hiring a new team, and that will help you extend your team quickly. 

You need a specific skill set for your project 

Sometimes there’s a need for a specific skill set when you have taken on a project that requires expertise your internal team may not fulfill. Selecting the right individual may be like exploring for a needle in a haystack, and you might not have enough time to search broadly. But a resource augmentation service could have just the team you want. Many businesses use outsourcing agencies especially for hiring resources. 


To summarize, resource augmentation provides you with several benefits whether you are a product owner, a Human capital team, or a director of the company. Creole Studios can help you hire resources with the right skill, knowledge, and expertise based on your wants and needs.

Anant Jain
Anant Jain


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