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WordPress is not just a blogging platform but also a powerful CMS that helps developers build intuitive WordPress websites. Let’s see how custom WordPress Development can help you grow your business.

One question that always knocks on everyone’s minds is if the website should be built with an existing template or hire a web app development company to develop a custom WordPress development specific to the business goals. 

WordPress is no longer a blogging platform. Powering 43.2% of all websites on the internet in 2022, it has emerged as one of the most powerful content management systems that help developers build instinctive WordPress websites.

From small businesses to big enterprises, everyone has adopted WordPress. Even many eCommerce companies have used custom WordPress development for their online platform. Any web development company cannot ignore WordPress anyhow. 


Why Should You Choose WordPress for Your Website?

WordPress is the simplest platform to use if you are new to web development. However, it also has a lot to offer. Customization of plugins and themes is one of the finest perks WordPress has to offer. 

Reasons to use WordPress CMS

WordPress has grown so much in popularity, and many top brands use WordPress to power their website including Time Magazine, Facebook, and The New York Times.

The following are the reasons why WordPress is the best CMS to make your website. 

WordPress is lasting

There’s no doubt that WordPress is here to stay even if other website builders may disappear. WordPress lets you fork code even without any support from developers. A community of developers, users, and small businesses behind WordPress will ensure that it is lasting.

WordPress is SEO-friendly

It is not wrong to say that a website without traffic is just a fruit without taste. To make your website renowned and successful, you need visitors and conversions. WordPress is SEO-friendly and built with search engine traffic in mind. In other words, this means Google and other search engines love WordPress.

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How can custom WordPress development help grow your business?

So far, we have learned about WordPress development and discussed why to use WordPress CMS. Many sources are available to optimize your website in the best way possible to represent how you can be the perfect fit. However, it is crucial to take the help of custom WordPress development services to set a strong foundation. Although you can also build it yourself, for great results opt for a professional WordPress developer.  

Features of Custom WordPress Development



The first and foremost feature of WordPress is that you have a choice to install and switch between themes. Themes help users to create an appealing website with or without changing content. Both free and paid themes are available, and developers can select them based on the richness they wish to offer. 


There are several extensions & plugins available in the WordPress store supporting the mainstream modules. More than 40,000 plugins are available, and developers can customize them based on specific needs. The plugins are updated to help you walk with the latest technology trends in the market.

Mobile features

WordPress is mobile-friendly as it offers several templates, themes, and extensions for mobile sites. It also supports multiple operating systems like Android and iOS. Currently, the feature is restricted to blogs and is expected to be available for clients across the globe. 

PHP 8 support

WordPress supports PHP 8 – the latest version of PHP programming language. Upgrade to PHP 8 to reap the benefits of the latest features, error fixing, and optimization. Always consult with a custom WordPress development service to fix your site before upgrading to PHP 8.0. However, PHP 8.0 is a major version update with various changes that break backward compatibility and many functionalities. 

Custom content types

The custom content type is another feature WordPress web development offers to users. By creating custom post types, you can separate custom content from regular posts. However, to show them among your typical posts, you should code them into your theme’s funcations.php file. 

There’s by default an option in WordPress where you can list the post types such as blog posts, pages, navigation menus, and attachments. The best thing about the custom post is that you can create new and valuable types of content on your website. There are plenty of ideas you can use and kick-start your imagination. You can add videos, event calendars, and photo galleries.

Advantages of Custom WordPress Development

WordPress is the best platform used for creating blogs on overly functional websites. At Creole Studios, we are proficient at WordPress development services packed by skilled developers who hold experience in delivering skillful and best-in-class custom WordPress development solutions. 

When you build a WordPress website from scratch or modify an existing theme, you will get multiple options in design, features, functions, and everything you created to meet your necessities. Custom WordPress development companies can provide unique websites with quality services and support. 

Get exactly what you require

You may want a WordPress theme that helps you fulfill your needs. Having a custom theme will help you modify your website to get what you want, and there are much more features to explore. 

Get secure website

Another benefit of having a custom WordPress website is customization. The developer can design the code keeping safety and security factors in mind. WordPress developers can also upload security plugins and secure websites.

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WordPress is an open-source platform that can be downloaded at no cost along with the source code. Moreover, you will get custom development services at highly competitive rates. 

More features

WordPress is famous just because of its inherent user-friendly experience. Anybody with little knowledge of WordPress can use the platform with ease. That makes it the ideal choice for companies that want a strong base for their online presence.


Ending Up! 

To summarize, WordPress is the most coherent content management system for any business seeking to build a strong digital presence. If you are on the hunt for a professional custom WordPress website development service, you can count on Creole Studios. We have an in-house team of WordPress developers with advanced knowledge of tools and technologies.

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