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The wave of the COVID-19 pandemic brought a financial crisis in every sector, but there was the food delivery business that did not decline and is still growing. We have tried to list down the reasons why an online food business can be profitable.


Researchers found that since 2014, online food ordering and delivery has become 300% faster than the dine-in visit to a restaurant. It’s high time for entrepreneurs and businesses like you to mark their presence in this industry because being online is the need of the hour for most businesses. The online food ordering/delivery sector’s market size was at $189.70 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow with a CAGR of 10.8% from 2022 to 2028. That’s why you need to understand the profitable reasons to invest in online food ordering solutions.

Reasons to invest in online Food Ordering System Development  

Here is a list of pointers that show how beneficial it is to start and develop your own online food ordering system.

  1. More accessible to customers

Your online ordering app or system attracts the audience with the advanced services that you offer them. You can let your customers browse freely on your system, place orders, pay with ease, food delivery at the right time, use subscription plans, and much more they can easily avail. You can make it more advanced with the integration of voice search features.

  1. Faster processing

This online food ordering software quickly loads the new updates or information you will enter. The productivity of kitchen staff and delivery personnel increases as all the things are easy to manage through an online platform of your business. Your faster food delivery results in more potential customers.

  1. Customer-friendly services

You will be able to improve your services with the customers’ reviews and feedback. The positive reviews will motivate your working staff and the negatives will make them learn from their mistakes. With your own online food ordering system you can keep experimenting and benchmarking to improve your customer service. Anytime, you can add new features and menus in your system to keep your customers hooked to your system.

  1. Increases revenue

Having your online food delivery app will offer customers an option of paying tips if they like the food of your restaurant. Using this app will increase your revenue and customers you can provide the subscription service. Hence, it assures more customers and more revenue.

  1. Reduces operational costs

There are many operation costs while running the food business. Having an online ordering system would help any business to forecast their expenses by seeing the historical data. The business can get reports about their ordering pattern and they can plan better. 

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Profitable reasons to develop an online food ordering system reasons
  1. Deliver a higher level of customer service

It ensures the food delivery right to your customers on time and provides updated information to know when their order will be delivered. They will be able to view the most popular dishes of your restaurant and filter search results before they place an order.

  1. Improve delivery efficiency

In a third-party service, a delivery person has to pick up orders from different restaurants and food delivery at different locations. Therefore, many times your customers struggle with delayed delivery. Your online food delivery system can track the progress of orders in real-time and helps the delivery person determine the optimal time to start making deliveries.

  1. Track and manage orders

Online food ordering solution offers real-time visibility and order management that makes the online ordering and delivery process simpler and more efficient for both customers and employees.

  1. Offer discounts

Without the help of any food aggregator, you can offer discounts and coupons on your food item through notifications and pop-ups. It will attract your customers to place an order in bulk or several times.

  1. Zero commissions to pay

The third-party food ordering service charges a commission of 15-20% on each order, as well as payment gateway fees (1-2%). Every year, the commission could be increased. You can eliminate these overhead expenses by creating an online food ordering system.

  1. Monitor your expenses

You can monitor detailed information about the cash flow in your restaurant or shop using an online food ordering system. Profits can be calculated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can also conduct regular analyses of the most popular food dishes.

These key points will surely make you understand why it’s important to invest in online food ordering solutions. You can read an online food ordering eBook to know more in detail.


We hope that these reasons can enable you to make an informed decision regarding your restaurant business.

In case you need any help or consulting advice for your online food ordering venture, please feel free to reach out to us

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