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TranscriptGPT: Empowering Collaborative Conversations and Informed Decisions through Smart Analysis

Transcript GPT USA
JULY 2023 (1 - 2 Month)
$10000 to $15000

Customer Introduction

Creole Studios has developed TranscriptGPT, an advanced conversation analysis tool aimed at optimizing collaborative discussions and facilitating consensus-building within various scenarios. This innovative solution harnesses the power of OpenAI and ChatGPT to extract crucial keywords from online meetups, enabling participants to explore multiple relevant situations and align their perspectives effectively.

Addressing the Problem

Online meetups often involve dynamic discussions among participants with diverse viewpoints. Arriving at a consensus or making informed decisions can be challenging due to the varied interpretations of the conversation's context. The need arose for a tool that could streamline discussions, extract key information, and present diverse scenarios for better decision-making.

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The Creole Process

The Creole Process for TranscriptGPT involves a series of steps that leverage the extracted keywords from online meetups to generate a comprehensive array of situations, challenges, risks, impacts, and solutions. This intricate process is designed to enable participants to explore multiple perspectives, make informed decisions, and facilitate effective consensus-building. Let's delve into each step of the Creole Solution:

Identify Keywords

During an online meetup, TranscriptGPT actively listens to conversations and identifies essential keywords. These keywords are the building blocks of the subsequent steps, as they encapsulate the core concepts, discussions, and ideas shared by participants.

Select Desired Keywords

From the identified set of keywords, participants have the autonomy to select the keywords that resonate most with the discussion’s focus. These selected keywords serve as the basis for generating situations and delving deeper into specific aspects of the conversation.

Generate Various Situations

Using the chosen keywords, TranscriptGPT generates a variety of situations that encompass the different viewpoints expressed during the conversation. These situations offer diverse perspectives on the topic at hand, allowing participants to explore potential scenarios and outcomes.

Explore Challenges

Within each generated situation, users have the opportunity to explore various challenges associated with that situation. These challenges represent the obstacles or complexities that may arise in the context of the selected situation, offering participants a holistic understanding of the scenario’s intricacies.

Analyze Risks

Upon selecting a specific challenge, TranscriptGPT presents users with multiple risks associated with that challenge. These risks outline potential negative outcomes or obstacles that participants might encounter while addressing the identified challenge.

Assess Impact and Solution

For each risk presented, the system also provides information about the potential impact of the risk. This includes understanding the consequences that the risk might have on the situation. Furthermore, for every risk, TranscriptGPT offers potential solutions or strategies to mitigate the risk and address the challenge effectively. The Creole Process effectively transforms raw conversation data into a structured framework that empowers participants to navigate complex discussions with clarity and confidence. By systematically presenting situations, challenges, risks, impacts, and solutions, TranscriptGPT guides users through a thorough analysis of different perspectives, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and arrive at a consensus. Ultimately, the Creole Process redefines the dynamics of online meetups by providing a structured platform that enhances collaboration, minimizes ambiguity, and empowers participants to collectively shape the outcome of discussions.

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Key Features

Working Together Better

With TranscriptGPT, everyone’s ideas get heard, and we all decide things together. It’s like making a plan where everyone’s thoughts count, and we end up with really good choices.

Smart Understanding

TranscriptGPT helps us know more about what we’re talking about. It’s like having a smart friend who explains things better, so we can make the right choices.

Fair and Balanced

TranscriptGPT only cares about what we say, not who’s saying it. This makes sure everyone’s ideas are treated the same way, and we get fair results that everyone can agree on.

Faster Choices

With TranscriptGPT, we can see different ways things could happen quickly. It’s like trying out different options in a game to see which one is the best. So, we can decide on things faster and start having fun!

Technology Stack and architecture

  • Nest JS
  • React JS
  • Open AI

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