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Elevating Customer Support with AI-Powered Chatbot Automation

Query Mate HONG KONG
APRIL 2023 (1 - 2 Month)
$10000 to $15000


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, customer support plays a vital role in ensuring a seamless experience for clients. For an insurance company, addressing repetitive queries can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. In this case study, we explore the business problem faced by an insurance company, where their client support team spent several hours each day answering repetitive questions through their chat platform. We delve into their journey to automate this process and enhance efficiency.

Addressing the Problem

The client’s support team faced a significant challenge with repetitive queries flooding their chat platform. Clients frequently asked common questions regarding policy coverage, claims processes, and policy renewal. The manual nature of answering these repetitive queries consumed a significant amount of the support team’s time and resources, impacting their overall efficiency and response time. Furthermore, the manual handling of queries posed the risk of inconsistent responses and potential errors.

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The Creole Process

◉ The insurance company had a problem with answering repetitive queries.

◉ They worked with Creole Studios to create a chatbot solution.

◉ The chatbot was powered by ChatGPT with a custom knowledge base.

◉ Creole Studios used React.js for frontend development to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the chatbot.

◉ The front end is seamlessly integrated with the chatbot's backend, ensuring smooth communication and real-time interactions between the user and the AI-powered system.

◉ React.js allowed the team to build a responsive and dynamic user interface that adapted to users' inputs and displayed chatbot responses efficiently.

◉ Error handling and user validation were implemented using React.js to guide users in case of invalid inputs or unexpected scenarios during interactions.

◉ The client could upload multiple PDFs to provide information to the chatbot.

◉ The chatbot scanned the PDFs and gave the best answers to customer queries.

◉ The chatbot was trained to understand and respond accurately to common questions.

◉ The chatbot seamlessly integrated into the company's chat platform.

◉ Clients could interact with the chatbot in real time.

◉ The chatbot was trained using historical chat logs and frequently asked questions.

◉ The system continuously learned and improved its responses based on user interactions.

◉ This ensured that the chatbot became more accurate and efficient over time.

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Key features

The automation of repetitive queries through the chatbot solution yielded significant benefits for the insurance company:

Time and Resource Savings

By automating the process, the client support team saved 40% of the time each day that was previously spent on answering repetitive queries. This allowed the team to focus on more complex and critical client issues, improving their overall productivity.

Enhanced Efficiency

The chatbot provided instant responses to clients, significantly reducing the response time by 4xx for repetitive queries. This led to improved customer satisfaction and increased client trust in the company’s ability to provide timely support.

Consistency and Accuracy

The chatbot ensured 99.90% consistent responses to common queries, minimizing the risk of inconsistent information being provided to clients. This helped maintain the company’s reputation for reliable and accurate customer service.


The automated chatbot solution allowed the insurance company to handle a larger volume of client queries without adding significant resources. As the company continued to grow, the chatbot system could effortlessly handle the increased demand for support.

Technology Stack and architecture

  • Nest JS
  • React JS
  • OpenAI

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