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It is a platform where users can store and share videos with each other anonymously

Pew-gg USA
May 2021 (2 months)
$9,000 to $10,000

Business Info

The client wanted to build a video sharing platform where users can share videos without any size restrictions. Such a platform can be very useful for gamers, students, teachers, etc. People can share their videos with each other without any restrictions and hassles. Lot of platforms are available in the market right now for media sharing but they have their own limitations but the client didn’t want to impose any restrictions to Pew-gg for media sharing.

Business Problem

The client loved gaming a lot. He was a big time gamer and loved trying to play different games. While doing so, he wanted to share his views/info about a game that he was playing by recording a video but the size of the video being huge didn’t let him share it with anyone over any popular media sharing platforms. To overcome this problem he decided to build a platform where such types of huge videos can be shared easily with each other.

Project Features

It is a web portal from where users can upload and share their video. After landing on the home page, user can see an option to upload their videos. The uploaded videos will be associated with their browser. The files get transcoded to the required media types, and served up in the browser in accordance to the browser type. If the user does not wish to login even then they can upload the videos and share with others. Once the video is uploaded, a link gets generated for it and the user can share that link with others to view the video. Users can also enter other people’s email addresses and share the video link via email. User can also track the number of views on their shared videos. The sign up process for this site is also very simple. The user just needs to enter their username, email address and password.

Landing page

Sharing of uploaded video via link

Invitation to view shared video


  • React JS
    React JS
  • aws


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