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Empowering the visually and hearing impaired to lead their lives independently.

Mizaru USA
June 2020 (4 months)
$20,000 to $25,000

Customer Introduction


Aiming to help the visually and hearing impaired community lead an independent life, Mizaru connects them with industry experts to help them carry out their daily tasks. Mizaru provides services ranging from a communication facilitator, a support service provider, or a product delivery provider. Users can join this platform either independently or via an agency.

Addressing the Problem

How numerous trivial tasks could be daunting to the hearing and visually impaired community.

Owing to his challenges, the Mizaru CEO understood how numerous trivial tasks could be daunting to the hearing and visually impaired community. Finding experienced professionals to aid them in these everyday tasks was even more cumbersome. Mizaru aimed to bridge this gap through an online web application to connect the hearing and visually impaired community with these experienced professionals. Mizaru aimed at becoming a trustworthy brand that would provide them with experienced professionals without the hassle of finding one themselves.

The Creole Process

Mizaru approached Creole Studios after concluding the first quarter of the project. Owing to the lack of expertise, they decided to move ahead with a team that could work as their dedicated in-house team and has the right technical expertise. The Creole Studios ensured each functionality is wrapped and closely connected. The weekly sprint meetings enabled on-track progress and removed bottlenecks. The sprint management tools like Trello, Slack, and Basecamp helped seamlessly communicate each update with the client. Creole worked closely with their internal team to create their vision into reality using React components, API integration, and AWS offerings.

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The Creole Solution and Key features

With the focus on the Mizaru vision of empowering the visually and hearing-impaired community, it served two kinds of customers: the visually and hearing impaired community and the agencies that can provide services.

The solution demanded giving access only to the authorized people to the platform. Hence, each signup request is approved by the admin individually.

As a visually and hearing-impaired person, one can request three types of services:
  • Communication Facilitator (CF)
  • Support Service Provider (SSP)
  • Product Delivery (PD)

Range of services

Communication Facilitator aids the community in seamlessly communicating with other people. The Support Service Provider is an hourly charged service wherein the professionals facilitate the customers by reaching a specific location. The solution can also capture location-specific information.   Product Delivery Services connect them to a service provider facilitating the purchase within the predefined budget and delivering at their doorsteps.

Hassle-free payments

Safe and secure payment gateway integration enables customers with a hassle-free service booking. Refunds can also be initiated automatically through a refund calculator and Stripe refund link.

technology stack and architecture

  • ReactJS
  • ExpressJS
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • Ubuntu Server
  • AWS Database
  • AWS Server
  • AWS Email Services

Creole Studios used React JS to implement the user interface components of the Mizaru web application. The backend was deployed using the Ubuntu server and AWS EC2 instances, and the AWS Simple Email Services were used for email functionality. To ensure that the file sizes are optimized accurately, each file was stored on the AWS S3 Bucket.

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