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A web application to book assistance services for the visually impaired and deaf-mute.

Mizaru USA
June 2020 (4 months)
$20,000 to $25,000

Business Info

Mizaru is a platform that aims to provide services to people belonging to the visually impaired or the Deaf-mute community. They connect industry experts who are experienced in aiding such people with them to carry out tasks that can be challenging. Services range from providing a communication facilitator, a support service provider or a product delivery provider. Users can be a part of this platform either independently or via an agency.

Business Problem

The CEO, himself being physically challenged, understood how doing even the trivial tasks can seem daunting to them. Also, finding experienced professionals to aid them for those tasks was even more cumbersome. This was the core issue that Mizaru aimed to solve by having an online web application to connect the Deaf-mute with experienced professionals who would provide them paid services. This gave them a trustworthy brand which would provide them with experienced professionals without the hassle of finding one themselves.

Project Features

The major users of Mizaru web application are the end customers who are Deaf-mute and the service providers who will be providing their paid services to the end customers. To ensure that only authorized people have access to either of those user roles, the users can access the system only after their sign up request is approved by the admin.

There are three types of services that can be requested by the customers of the application, viz. Communication Facilitator (CF), Support Service Provider (SSP) and Product Delivery (PD). CF aids the Deaf-mute to communicate with other people in certain scenarios, like at a store. The professional will be available on calls and the payment for the same is handled outside the system. SSP is an hourly charged service wherein the customers can call professionals at a certain location to aid them, such as delivering a public address. Detailed information such as whether the location has free parking, does the customer have pets that they will be bringing are also captured. PD allows the Deaf-mute to upload a list of items that they need to purchase and also set a rough budget for it which they will be paying at the booking page. The service provider will be purchasing the things in the list and be delivering them to the customer’s location.

Payment gateway integration is present in the application using which customers can book aforementioned services. Handling refunds was also a feature that we provided wherein the percentage of refunds to be rolled out to customers cancelling their booking were dependent on how early they cancelled their booking. The calculation was automated along with providing the Stripe refund link.

Along with the option of customers paying for themselves, an agency feature was also incorporated to the system, wherein an agency will determine the number of hours of service that they will sponsor for a particular user on a monthly basis. The admin, after having an offline discussion with the agency, adds them to the system and adds particular users to a particular agency, defining the limit on the number of hours’ services they can request for in a month on the agency’s payroll. Customers will not have to pay if they are going forward with their booking in Agency type as it will be billed to the agency.

A feature for providing complaints and feedback was also given to the customers. As Mizaru operations team is more comfortable with JIRA, we built a solution wherein the complaints entered by customers in the web application will be created as a JIRA ticket. To make this happen, we also automated the creation of a new JIRA user when a customer submits a complaint through the application frontend so that they are also copied to the automated mails informing them of the ticket progress and resolution; as and when Mizaru operations team updates the ticket on JIRA.

Types of support requests that users can book

Dashboard of service providers

Assignment and client details screen for service providers

Users can report a concern which will be created as a JIRA ticket

Technologies Used

  • React JS
  • ExpressJS
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap


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