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Destination Deluxe

An online portal showcasing the best of the best in travel and wellness areas with luxury vacation hotel booking.

Destination Deluxe HongKong
October 2020 (3 months)
$5,000 to $7,000

Business Info

Destination Deluxe is catered to finding and sharing smart ways to help people rejuvenate, relax and improve their wellbeing. At its core, Destination Deluxe is a travel & wellness publication and booking portal. They aggregate the finest luxury resorts, hotels, retreats and spas from around the world. They also feature beauty products, health and fitness tips, and a range of holistic practices aimed to aid their users to be their best selves. They review and propose places and practices based on first-hand experience.

Business Problem

Destination Deluxe, being a luxury brand, wanted to redesign their website to match their branding. With their focus on multiple sectors such as travel, wellness and lifestyle to name some, they wanted an elegant way to portray this on their website. They also wanted an online booking feature to enable their users to get started with booking their luxury vacation. They also required a place where they can provide fitness tips, feature beauty products and health guides; which we enabled publishing through the platform.

Project Features

The landing page consists of different sections representing different areas of focus for Destination Deluxe. There are sections related to Hotels & Spas, Retreats, Travel, Wellness, Lifestyle and Awards and these take the user to the relevant pages in the website. We integrated a newsletter subscription feature for the users so that they don’t miss out on important updates. One of the unique approaches we took was in the footer section of the website. The footer section, to better showcase the brand, consists of different widgets housing featured posts, recent posts and other sections of the website for easy access by the user increasing the content engagement.

The awards section showcases the awards that Destination Deluxe gives out to hotels, resorts, spas & retreats, beauty product companies who have submitted their nominations. They organize award ceremonies where these are awarded across multiple categories and are showcased in the portal. A booking page was also created where users can book luxury holidays. These are personalized based on the information provided by the users while filling up the form, such as number of days of stay, number of people and children, their budget, location among many other parameters. They can also select the type of program for their holidays such as meditation, weight loss, etc.

We completely redesigned the Hotels & Spas page to provide a better user experience to the visitors. An interactive map was also added to show the locations of hotels and spas around the world. Different pins were used to indicate hotels and spas on the map and clicking on any of them shows the name of the hotel/spa and its location. Below the map, we show a list of all the available hotels and spas in the portal. To avoid showing a certain hotel/spa at the top of the list always, the list was randomized such that it would show a different hotel/spa name at the top of the list every time the user reloads the page.


  • Wordpress
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5

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