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Cara-Friend & Unmask

An anonymous chat app that enables users to express themselves freely without revealing their identity.

Cara-Friend & Unmask Singapore
Web & Mobile (iOS & Android)
May 2018 (8 months)
$20,000 - $30,000

Business Info

The Cara community is all about letting anyone unmask and express themselves anonymously and freely, with no stigma. The first step is to have a conversation. The users can connect and chat anonymously with the Cara community of Mental Health warriors, Healthcare professionals and Empathy MVPs, anytime, anywhere. A user can be both a counsellor/friend and a patient. The motive of the app is to create awareness among people about mental illness and help the people in need anonymously. The app tries to inspire the users by showing them quotes of bravery and courage. They can also inspire other users by sharing their own stories.

Business Problem

The client felt that a lot of people struggling with mental illness did not get the help and support they needed. The patients either did not want to share their condition with others in fear of getting tagged as retarded or because they thought that no one would understand them. To encourage the people to speak up about their illness and problems the client decided to create this app. The second app is for the users who have suffered from such illness and help and empathize with the other users going through the same problems.

Project Features

Cara Unmask

The Cara Unmask app is for people who want to express themselves freely and anonymously about their mental condition or any other problem they are facing. The app does not ask the users to sign up or login with any kind of credentials so that they can be anonymous and be sure of their details not getting disclosed to anyone else. They can let the app know about how they are feeling or what is the problem they are facing via interactive questions and the app will help them to find a friend who has experience in handling patients with such illness. The patient can initiate a chat with a counsellor suggested to him by the app or can choose one from the list of all the available counsellors.

Cara-Friend & Unmask

Cara Friend

The Cara Friend app is for counsellors who voluntarily wish to help other users suffering from any kind of mental illness. They can volunteer and sign up on the app. The counsellors cannot approach any Unmask user as they are anonymous but the Unmask users can initiate a chat with the counsellor. The counsellors can share their stories on the platform for all the other users of Cara Unmask and Cara Friend to view them. The counsellors can even contribute to Cara Community by donating some amount through the app.

Cara-Friend & Unmask

The admin panel was built for the Cara team to monitor the ongoing in the app. The admin can view the list of counsellors who have joined Cara Friend and all the necessary details which they have mentioned in the app. The admin cannot view the name, email address or contact number of the patient but can view their activity on the app like the number of counsellors they have chatted with, their last active session, their age group, etc. The admin can also view the statistics generated in the admin panel based on the app activity. Statistics like the total active patients, total active counsellors, average daily messages, etc are visible. The admin can also manage the resources uploaded by the users. The contributions made by the counsellors can be viewed from here and the feedback given by the patients or the counsellors to the Cara app and team are also visible in the admin panel.

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • Laravel
  • Firebase
  • Bootstrap

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