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Online platform providing branding and designing solutions to their clients.

Blak USA
February 2020 (4 months)
$7,000 to $8,000

Business Info

Blak is an online platform offering branding and designing solutions to their clients. With a repertoire of big multinational clients, they have assisted them with creative design solutions. They are also an agency serving digital and marketing needs of companies. Blak follows a finely curated strategy to meet their client’s needs. Research based on their requirements creating ideas, prototyping, designing to breathe life into their ideas, validating and delivering them timely to their clients.

Business Problem

Blak required our assistance for designing and building their profile for their client. They wanted to have the HTML designs to be made, reflecting their brand image and one that properly does justice to their repertoire of A list clients and serve as a portfolio for future clients.

Project Features

This project was solely design oriented and hence was HTML focused. The landing page consisted of an auto updating header image which changes every time the user reloads the webpage. The image describes a case study of a random client from Blak’s portfolio. This is to keep the landing page fresh and new every time any user visits the site. Each client had their own page dedicated for their case study, showcasing the designs done by Blak for them.

We designed a section in the landing page which craftily shows all the featured clients giving easy and quick access to their case studies by anyone who visits the site. Blak prides itself on its process and we made sure it is properly highlighted in the website as well. There is a section in the landing page where the steps for their process are mentioned and a separate page is also dedicated for the same.

As Blak is a design company, heavy focus on images and transitions were placed in the website. We had separate sections showcasing the team with their names and roles appearing on hovering over their images to give it a sharp, minimal and clean look.


  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • Parallax JS
  • WOW JS

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